8 Attitudes Of Self-confident Women


Eight attitudes of self-confident women our speech on this video is that a good attitude towards life opens the door you
want from the door of a better job a good love a good relationship with others the best friends to break your
fears of success but to have an attitude before life we must trust ourselves being sure that we have all the tools we
need to do whatever we want to do getting to this point is not easy but the security in oneself is being built
little by little with habits and behaviors with reflections and acceptance today we leave you eight
attitudes that we have found that women who are very secure of themselves share those who walk as masters of their own
world one they know themselves a woman who knows her faults can work on them to improve them and a woman who knows her
virtues can increase them knowing ourselves is super important to know what we are capable of what our limits
are and where we can push a little more to get ahead – they know how to say no one of the great lessons of life is
learning to say no I guess it comes a bit with H a bit with maturity and life experiences and the other thing is that
we realize that life is too short to do things you do not want to do three listen a self-confident woman does not
have to prove anything to anyone and that is why she can afford to listen more than she speaks they listen to the
world around them to know how to move better in it for do not conform themselves knowing yourself you know
what you do not like and you learn to say no and you go for what you are looking for a woman who knows she has
all the tools she needs to do what she wants does not settle for less than she expects five ask for help knowing your
abilities does not mean that you do not need others it means that you know what you can offer others and that you know
what you need to ask for six they are at peace with their feelings a confident woman knows that she can not control her
emotions for her feelings but she can control how to react to them to feel anger sadness deception is human is not
synonymous with weakness to be overcome by those feelings is what we cannot afford 7 know how to place faults one of
the great lessons of life is to understand what is our fault and what is not and live accordingly finding the
balance between taking responsibility for our actions and knowing what things we can not control by freeing
ourselves from other people's faults eight they are a support for others when you find the inner strength to face the
world when you are in balance between your emotions and your actions when you understand that you are a human being
with flaws and qualities you become a reference for others a pillar in which others can be recharged and model and
self-assured girls always have an outstretched hand to help those who need it confident that at some point they may
be the ones who need help girls security is not about becoming the wisest people but about accepting who we
are everything good and everything bad with the conviction of wanting to be the best version that we can of ourselves
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