5 Success Tips for Women over 40


Hello my love's Brady CZ here at brandy CZ common really excited because one of the most influential people that i
discovered last year is the number one New York Times bestselling author of the book the charge and the founder of
experts academy Brendan Bosch our experts academy was by far the best course that I purchased last year and I
will provide a link because it's open right now I think it closes on wednesday anyway he's only a contest for an
all-expense-paid trip to a live experts Academy event and I really really really want to go so he asked that I post a
video of my top 5 success tips are you ready okay so here are my top 5 success tips for women over 40 who are ready to
build the business and life of their dreams all right got a pen okay one take action to take action three take action
or take action five take action now all right I wish you guys luck love you bye what what's that I hear you're saying
how what when what okay all right here we go success tip number two don't ask how ask why Tony Robbins has always said
reasons come first answers come seconds simon Sinek wrote an entire book on start with the why don't worry about the
hell just understand why you're doing what you're doing success tip number three you have to embrace the unknown
Martin Luther King said it best you don't have to see the entire staircase you just have to see the first step
you've got to get comfortable with the unknown because in entrepreneur when you're trying to start a business you
can't know everything you have to learn as you go but if you're got the foundation of taking action and starting
with your wife you'll get more comfortable with the unknown but you have to embrace it success step number
four learn to dance with resistance have you watched any of the videos last week that was one of my favorite ones was
resistance being fears messenger you have to learn to dance with it and it's not that you can overcome fear you just
have to learn dance with it courage is going on even in the face of fear it's like building a
muscle you know every time you feel the fear and you go again and you feel the fear and you go again you're building
that courage muscle fear will be there you just have to learn to dance with it and understand that resistance is only a
part of fear and finally number five start before you are ready you're never going to be ready everything is not
always going to be perfect you will not always know everything and we all sit here and we try the least I've done this
is try to make everything just be perfect and you got to just start and you'll see a theme between all five of
these is take action take action take action take action take action right step one take action to embrace the
unknown that means taking action three learn to dance with resistance how do you do that take action and four take
action okay gonna mess that up but anyway 50 * before you ready what's the theme that take action alright if you
like this video and you want to see me get to go to experts academy live please share it comment tweet it do all the
stuff I'll provide all the links all right I love you guys thank you so much okay bye

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