11 Habits of Successful Women


Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Erin and this channel is all about entrepreneurship and living
your best life and in today's video what I wanted to do was share 11 habits of successful women I read a lot i watch a
lot of youtube I listen to a lot of podcasts and I just really have studied a lot of the mentors that I really look
up to and I really like to put together little lists and I put together a list of all the kind of habits that I noticed
that a lot of the successful women I looked up to did and I thought why not share this on a youtube video so that's
what I'm here today today if you did enjoy the video I would very much appreciate it if you gave it a big
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the first habit that I really noticed that successful women do is that they do everything with intention you know I'm
speaking about this before on my channel but I just think that a lot of people who aren't necessarily succeeding
they're kind of just hoping for the best you know they're just doing what everybody else is doing or what they
think they need to be doing and hoping that somehow it's going to be successful right it's just like if you were into
golf I don't know if you're into golf I'm definitely not but it's just like if you're into golf and you were sitting
there blindfolded hitting as many balls as you possibly could hard thing that one was going to go in the hole it's
less likely to happen and if you actually lined up the shot you were super intentional you even visualize the
hole the shot going in like Tiger Woods does and then you took it and that's a lot to do with being successful in this
particular habit you know do everything with intention why are you eating the food you eat why are you building the
business you're building why are you going to that event why are you doing this live
why are you anything I don't know I can't think of another example anything literally anything like why are you
doing that do everything with intention to make it really rich for your life and really help you to move forward towards
your goals and the next thing and this is something that I recently heard Murray folio talking about with in her
interview with Tom value on impact theory and she was talking about balancing your masculine and feminine
energy I didn't really know a lot about this so I'm only gonna explain it to the degree in which I know it but it's
definitely a concept I would suggest looking more into ultimately our masculine and feminine energy it's not
so much about male and female it's more so just about it's the embodiment versus the thinking mind and what you should do
is really thinking about rather than just always being in this linear movement rather than always being in
this thinking thinking thinking mind try to get into your body more you can do this through embodiment exercises
dancing yoga meditation but ultimately you really want to be I guess grounding yourself and feeling into your body in
your experience and presenting things to the world from the heart you know creating and speaking and you know even
if Instagram post doing all of that from the body and from the heart rather than from the intellectual mind I've noticed
when I really have something that in my heart or my soul wants to share it actually gets such higher engagement
over something that I've really thought about posting so definitely look into this concept a little bit more it's a
really great habit for any woman who is trying to be successful and the next thing is to schedule time to switch off
I really noticed the successful women they are not chained to their phones they're not constantly having fun mo
about not showing up online they're so confident in their self that if they took a full day of social media they
know that when they came back their presence would be welcomed I recently took Tara at two days of social media
and it was honestly one of the best things ever I not only figured out more direction
and got more clarity for my business but I came back just literally ready to potty like I just felt so refreshed and
recharged and I think so many of us who are not believing in ourselves we think that if we even drop the ball for a
second it's all going to disappear but successful women they that switching off and taking time to
connect with their intuition is just as important as showing up for their community and my next thing and you guys
Nora this is like my number one value I truly do believe that if you're going to be successful this is something you have
to do it's like a non-negotiable is you have to build deep relationships you cannot achieve success alone if you can
show me an example of someone who literally has become so successful and done it completely by themselves but yes
it's a lot to do with what you do and the actions you take but if you can show me an example of someone who has had no
mentors no friends no support and apparently no nothing I will be mind blown because I truly do believe
specifically with entrepreneurship that it should not be done alone that you need to build deep relationships and if
you're someone who's maybe a little introverted or you don't know anyone in your real life who is an entrepreneur or
is like-minded put yourself in a situation to meet new people you know I've got an online community called the
game-changer collective and I recently reached out and researched all of my members in there and the number one
thing that I heard so many of them saying was that the reason that this community was so successful for them was
because of the other members being able to confine in other people and even being able to just watch other people
succeed but either way find a way to meet like-minded individuals and surround yourself with them as often as
you possibly can the next thing that I noticed a lot of successful women do is they personalize their environment so
this might be a little harder to do if you live at home with your parents but what I really noticed is that everything
within their environment everything within their experience is a game therefore intention you know rather than
just filling your life with junk or crap that you don't need I'm talking about your mental environment as well as your
physical environment but just making sure that everyday what you're experiencing it brings you joy you know
you could I guess adults the konmari method for this as she does for it tidying up but do it for your whole
experience you know everything that you you go through every day every every living situation you're in every
relationship that you're in every conversation that you have every you know just everything that you do make
sure that it's set up to your liking as much as you possibly can you know I know sometimes we go to jobs that we
hate but at least have something on your desk that brings you joy just really try to make sure that every single day you
just feel good about where you are on this earth at this point in time so the next habit that I noticed so many
successful women did was they moved their body I don't want to talk too much about this because it's definitely not
my area of expertise but it's definitely a common trend and something I'm working on so much more myself so like with the
balancing the masculine and feminine energy I really noticed that a lot of these successful women were taking time
to just feel themselves feel their body like Nicki Minaj I'm feeling myself but honestly not necessarily in like a
sexual way but just in a way that allows them to get deep rooted in their body and a lot of women do that through
exercise so I would say even if you can incorporate like a walk or some yoga dancing you know gym Fitness aerobics if
you're in the 80s whatever it is but just incorporate something that gets you out of your minds and into your body it
gets you out of you know social media it gets you out of your head it just allows you to just release a lot of pent-up
energy that's going on within you and just take some time to kind of like switch off and move and the next thing
is have positive female mentors so I've seen a lot of women who are very very successful and they have some amazing
mentors and quite often a lot of them are men specifically in the female space but what I also realized was when they
were being interviewed like for example I saw an interview of someone who was mentored by Richard Branson but she also
said that her mama was a very big influence in her life and well I think it's really great to have these amazing
men who are doing awesome things in the world I also think it's really important that you've got women to look up to if
that if you were trying to be successful so you've got positive female influences in your life because I know that we're
fighting for equality but at the end of the day I really do think men and women still are different women are much
better and we want to support one another so make sure there are some people in your community in your family
or in your life that are positive female role models that you can look up to because I truly do believe that women we
need to stick together and we need to help each other to achieve success and the next habit that I've seen so
many successful women adopt is that they practice speaking up this is one of the biggest reasons that has led to
inequality in the workplace and I'm not saying necessarily the gender pay gap but women not being able to be put into
leadership roles I think a big reason for that is their own confidence and because they're not necessarily speaking
up they're not saying I want this role I want this leadership role and I know this is a bigger mo more deeper into
issue than a video about habits but I really think in any area of life you should practice asking for what you want
if you don't ask you won't receive and I think a lot of women they feel sort of bad about asking for what they want but
you will never move forward if you don't practice this habit so I know that a lot of these successful women they ask for
what they want whether or not they sound like a diva but just go for what you want be unapologetic about your desires
and speak up for them and then the next habit and I don't really I've never actually found an entrepreneur or a
successful woman who does this but I assume they do it and I do it so I wanted to put it on the list right has
an uplevel list you know I love the concept of self-love self acceptance and I think that we should all just
appreciate the place that we are in life right now but I also think we can always strive to
be better we can always strive to do more we can always strive to itself develop and I think a really good way to
do this is to have an uplevel list so on my phone I simply just have this big list of things I want to learn things I
want to buy things I want to experience you know if feelings I want to experience all these things that I know
would be an uplevel for my life but also for my business and those around me I just keep this list it's like my bucket
list but it's more internal than things that I'm specifically just going to do and I think this is a really good way to
kind of stay on track always have a North Star for where you're moving forward like I said successful women
have a vision they know where they're going and this list is a really good way to just constantly be moving forward in
life the next thing is to get your beauty sleep and I know this is such like a
kind of line that a lot of people use like what is your beauty sleep even Maine but what I really mean is to just
rest you know again with this whole masculine and feminine energy thing I think we're all so caught up in this
hustle mentality my master mind actually actually joke around because both the other girls Kimberly and Ruby they are
really really hard workers and they always talk about how they need to learn how to chill from me because I love to
chill I love to rest I love to sleep honestly George do I love the sleep old water I can sleep like so so so often
and that's the thing it's like I just really think that women need to learn how to just rest chill and I'm not
saying like necessarily like being stressed right up into the point you go to sleep at night and then wake up and
do it all again like really just take time to do sweet FA like just rest just take some time to let your body just
sink into the experience of life because recharging those batteries is only gonna help you be more powerful and more
successful and then my final thing is and I excuse the French even though I've got a little French fringe going on at
the moment stop feeling Qing guilty this is one of the most important habits and if I was
going to even just give you one thing to walk away with from this video it would be this successful women have built
their life to the point where they don't have to feel guilty and yet I see so many women particularly those who are
trying to build a business trying to be the best mom or the best wife or the best sister they just feel so guilty for
so many things women feel guilty for becoming successful because they feel like
they're out shining other people we even feel guilty for going for positions in their career because they feel like
somebody else is being disadvantaged I think women who don't want to make money online because they feel like if I
make money somebody else is gonna miss out you need to stop feeling guilty there's enough good life for anyone and
honestly the better you get the more successful you get the richer you get the more you're actually gonna be able
to help other people so you need to step up and become unapologetic stop feeling guilty about everything that you
want to do you know I I coached so many clients who are like oh I feel guilty you know working and
building my business because I'm not cleaning my house or I'm not doing the traditional life things and you cannot
feel like that like this cannot be a part of your experience you have to just show up you know this is 2,000 or
freakin 19 everyone has an equal place on this planet and that's what we're fighting towards but ultimately at the
end of the day it's up to you it's up to you just stop feeling guilty we feed into our own insecurities by the way
that we feel in the emotions we are touch to it and so please take this video is my message to you that if
you're gonna be successful if you're gonna make a lot of money and therefore be able to help a lot of people you need
to stop feeling guilty you need to do you you need to be you need to show up and you need to speak up and you need to
just do what you can to make it happen that's it for me I hope that you liked my little list again I don't really know
who these things had come from it's something that I've been developing over time but if you do have any positive
female successful women habits that you want to add to the list please do leave them down in the comments below and I
thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video [Music]

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