Trying to Find Love During Coronavirus

Although it’s hard to find humor in light of the Coronavirus, this one woman’s story of trying to find love at this time is really humorous. Not only is she on the dating apps, she connects with several different guys. Is she crazy? Is she desperate? What was she thinking? Who knows.

If you’re not comfortable with your own company, now you make want to take the time to get to know yourself. Learn to like yourself. The journey to personal and self enlightenment isn’t easy. It’s definitely worth it, and it may help you avoid the risks of contracting Coronavirus.

Looking for love in the time of Coronavirus, as so much of life seems scary and unfamiliar, online dating carries on from a safe social distance. And, somehow, shocking even myself, I looked for love during the time of Coronavirus and found it. Looking for love in the time of Coronavirus


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