How to Keep the Peace When Working from Home with Your Spouse

Couples working from home

Working from home can be stressful even without the Coronavirus. Well meaning family and friends will make demands on your time. After all, you work from home. To them, you’re always available. That’s why it’s so important to set boundaries.

That means getting organized. Have specific times to work. Set aside a space where you can work as quietly as possible. Keep the interruptions to a minimum. That means not looking at social media, reading emails, or many of the other tasks that can get in the way.

Start with the most important tasks. This means focusing on the tasks that make you money. Then when you have time you can get to the emails, business bookkeeping, and all the other administrative tasks you may need to deal with. You can also outsource these tasks when the money is available.

What’s important, especially during a time as stressful as Coronavirus, is to stay focused. These tips don’t just apply to working from home with your spouse. These tips can be used to help you stay focused regardless of who is home.

Couples working from homeWorking from home with your spouse due to coronavirus? Here’s how to keep the peace. Both Feliciano and Hubbard said that the best way to create a peaceful work-from-home environment with your significant other is to communicate with each other regularly. Krystal Craiker, a Dallas-based freelance writer and author who has been working from home with her husband, Michael Dunn, a teacher and online educator, on and off since 2017, agrees. “Now is the time to work on your relationship communication skills,” Craiker explained. Practice asking directly for what you need. “Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. When you’re in the middle of something and they’re talking to you [or] bugging you, say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to get this done, I’ll talk to you when I’m done.’” When you work from home regularly, it’s important to have a routine. Working from home with your spouse due to coronavirus? Here’s how to keep the peace

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