Have You Prepared Your Marriage to Survive Corona?

For most couples, the chances of working together are pretty slim. Most companies don’t allow family members to work together unless they work at different locations. Of course, there are some industries that working from home isn’t possible. You may just find yourself at home with your spouse. This I really think could be worse because you may not be prepared to spend so much time together.

If both of you do end up working from home, even for different companies, you can make it work. Consider settingĀ  boundaries and have your own workspace. You can make the most of this time and actually get closer and have a better relationship.

Can your marriage survive the coronavirus? – CNN

https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/24/health/marriage-coronavirus-wellness/index.htmlCNN spoke with several Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, clinical psychologists and married people about how to make sure your union isn’t a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. Can your marriage survive the coronavirus? – CNN

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