5 Questions to Never Ask a Man When Dating over 50 [Video]


Today I'm going to talk to you about five questions to never ask a man when you're dating over 50 hi I'm Jackie
Sabra executive love coach and CEO of engaged at any age a company that helps women deliberately date and consciously
co-create their relationships with their amazing men I met and married my own soulmate match husband Michael after
being single for eight years and I'm still on the honeymoon and passionate about helping you get engaged at any age
okay I want to talk to you about five questions to never ask a man when you're dating over 50 and sometimes these
questions can be can seem really obvious but I've made the mistake of asking these questions and so the obvious
sometimes isn't so obvious so I thought I'd make this video about five things never to ask a man over 50 so these are
questions right and I've asked these questions and so I'm speaking from experience and so if you like the
content make sure that you share it like it and subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode okay let's jump
right in to the first question you never ask a man and you're dating over 50 okay the first one is do you notice anything
different about my hair or my outfit so maybe it'll be like do you notice anything different and he's just looking
at you like oh my gosh what am I supposed to know am I supposed to know what what's different
because we want them to notice notice us but sometimes the things that we're asking are so subtle it's like a man
asking you when he opened the hood of his car to look at his engine and see if you notice anything different about the
engine and it's gonna be like heck no so don't ask him that's kind of baiting him okay the second question to never ask a
guy when you're dating over 15 so this is the big one – do you think this outfit makes me look fat boo we're not
gonna ask that question right if you need do you feel fat get on the scale and check for yourself but don't ask
that question he cannot answer that question without getting in trouble so he's going to say of course not honey
but it just sounds so insecure don't involve him at all with your weight if you gained a few pounds that's
okay don't mention it you'll work it out right he's not noticing it unless you
bring it to his attention and then he will so stay away from that question about your weight okay question number
three to never ask a man in you're dating over 50 okay he's watching his favorite sports team right and it's a
live game basketball football hockey whatever it is and you sit down next to him and you turn to him and you start to
ask him questions like you know what do you want for dinner or how was your day or any question at all it is so
stressful and um kind of disrespectful to interrupt a man in the middle of sports and and I know because Michael
loves to watch sports and I've learned to not ask questions unless it's halftime I wait because he's so focused
on the game and and and if he turns away just for a moment he'll miss a play and it's important to him and why I'm
sharing this with you is because I know it's important to him and for a lot of men it's important to them so know what
your man know what your man likes and be careful to respect this part of his life because it is important to him just like
he respects the other areas of your life so it's all about timing wait for a half time now make sure you stay to the very
end because I have a freebie I want to share with you okay now the next question is is something you want to
stay away from also is this one it seems really obvious but I think a lot of women do this and so you might say honey
do you think that women over there is prettier than me or do you think she has a better body or than better body than
me or any kind of question that compares you to another woman and so basically what you just did is you drew his
attention away from you to the other woman and if you thought she was attractive she probably is because
there's a lot of attractive women and there's always gonna be somebody prettier skinnier richer but it doesn't
matter as long as you know your Worth and you love yourself you don't ever want to compare yourself to another
woman and certainly don't draw your man's attention to another woman I mean men notice beautiful women I mean just
like we notice handsome men but we don't say honey look at that handsome men over there so stay away from comparing
yourself – another woman especially to your guy all right here's the final question he's
had a horrible day at work he comes in the door and I know this from experience all he wants to do is relax and that's
what you need to let him do is relax but we're so excited about something that's happened or we want to share something
with him that we will say these words that are really going to sabotage your relationship is you know you know how
was your day or maybe he doesn't he didn't have a good day and you're like do you want to
talk about it never ask a man that he does not want to talk about it until he's ready to talk about it what he
wants to do is come in the door get in the door and relax cuz he's had a long day I know this is a big one firm for my
husband and we've discussed this and I'm careful when he comes home from work – just give him a hug acknowledge him and
then see where he's at you know everybody's been out in the world you're having a rough day maybe or
maybe you had a great day but you have to really be sensitive to your partner and see where he's at and what he's what
energies putting off and then play it by ear from there typically when you come home you just want to unwind and relax
unless you have another system in place stay away from asking like you know questions before he's had a chance to
come in put his things down unwind maybe change his clothes and and from that place then you'll know if it's
a good time to bring up whatever it is you want to bring up and because you want a successful relationship and so
these these not so obvious questions that you can ant ask a man could trigger you know some stress in your
relationship so even though they're kind of cute and funny and pretty obvious to a lot of you I think that there's some
merit to them so you know jot those down and and take them to heart okay ladies here's my freebie I have my soulmate
assessment and I want you to go to soulmate iq.com right now and take my a short quiz which is gonna tell you the
frequency that you're vibrating now this has helped so many women who are coming up with too much masculine energy or
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always ladies I'm just sending you so much love today bye [Music]

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