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Hello family welcome to my channel if this is your first time here my name is Angela and this challenge is all about
beauty fashion in life if you're returning welcome and thank you so much for your return in today's video I'm
gonna give you my 10 style tips for women over 40 now let's get started [Music]
before I get started Florida says hello she's been in quarantine but since everything is
opening up she decided to make an appearance [Music]
she's glistening she's happy to be out get some fresh air says hello Stella took number one just
like I said in my previous video how to find your signature style the number one thing you need to do is wear what makes
you feel amazing when you wear clothes that make you feel amazing you exude confidence you do joy you get suit
happiness and no amount of clothing can make you feel like that so wear whatever makes you feel amazing whether that be
sequins the overall the poom poom shorts you know a pump in shorts is my friend named Harvin said pump in shorter we
call them booty shorts but poom poom shorts I don't care if you're 75 years old and you want to wear those poom poom
shorts they make you feel good you put those poo-poos hold your head and keep all walking now if you have to ask
someone do these shorts look too short you're not gonna exude confidence and you need to take those off so style tip
number one is wear what makes you feel amazing style tip number two let your best asset shine whether that be your
legs or your shoulders or your hips or your rear end whatever you feel is your best asset and we should all have
something on our body that we absolutely love because if you don't love it you can't expect anyone else to love it so
you must have something on your body that you absolutely love it fits your shoulders you work shirts like this and
where they're just out and about because you know these are pretty much the last thing that wrinkle on your body so
they're gonna look good for a long time if you have great legs you wear beautiful you don't have to wear
miniskirts but you wear the skirts that sense weights your legs to show your calves and hills that have straps on
them or even sound those that have straps on them so your legs are just shining and that in itself will make you
feel amazing but whatever it is you let that asset shine for you style to number three do not and I
repeat do not wear oversized clothes trying to hide what you perceive maybe your applause we all have areas on our
bodies that we'd like to change we all do but when you wear oversized clothing it only makes you look larger it makes
you look frumpy and it's just it's just not appealing so you're not gonna feel good in it what I recommend you do is
buy clothing about articles of clothing that are made for your specific body shape whether you have a pear shape or
hourglass shape like Beyonce we all have that shape we don't I have more of an athletic frame so I have to buy clothes
that kind of sent me into waste I don't have a waist that goes in like this so I like to wear like a fitting for a fit a
fit-and-flare type dress so it makes my waist look a lot smaller makes me look like I have hips that I don't actually
have it just rounds out my top part just balances my body so don't wear oversized clothes wear clothes that are design for
the shape and cut of your specific body style tip number four is the flip side of style tip number three do not wear
clothes that are too tight we've all seen the Walmart pictures we've seen them you do not want to be wearing
stretch any vague that are too tight showing all your nooks and crannies you're not gonna feel amazing in it
you're not going to look amazing and I don't care if nobody tells you just let me tell you even though I'm small I know
what clothes I can not wear I cannot wear everything you just do not you're not gonna exude that confidence
if it's too tight you're gonna be squirming around you're just not gonna feel as comfortable so that means you're
not gonna feel as confident and you're just not gonna have that outflow of joy and happiness so just wear clothes again
that are cut for your specific shape cut for your specific size and you can use the numbers inside of clothing as a
guide but a size six in one designer maybe a size 8 in another designer so don't get so stuck on the numbers just
put on what you think your size is and if it doesn't fit you the way it's comfortable then go up a side to go down
the sides whichever way you need to go style tip number five change out your jeans periodically if you have jeans
that are over 10 years old chances are they're no longer not necessarily on-trend they're no longer stylish the
jeans from 10 years ago that necessarily have stretch in them the jeans now all have what most of them have stretch in
them which is really really nice because we all remember we had those jeans and we would eat and you get a little bit
fooled you had to lean back like this unbutton that top button and unzip the pants just a little bit even in the rest
just a little bit in the restaurant so you could breathe you don't have to have that debt situation anymore they have
beautiful amazingly fitting jeans now for our age group the best type of jeans or high-waisted jeans and you can get
those at a reasonable price you can get them at a very expensive price my favorite or Levi's I'll try to put a
link in the description box below to the exact ones but they do sell them on Amazon and they're around $50 they are
absolutely amazed they come up high it helped tuck in that little bitty belly that we all used to get around this time
you know when the devil sidekick menopause comes here she comes and moves into your house without
disrespect she's disrespectful absolutely disrespectful brings her luggage moves into your house
in your bedroom and stays there for a few years like she paying rent like via water bill and buying groceries around
helps sick off my grandson anyway my favorite our Levi's let me move on let me just
move up style tip number six you must you must you must practice excellent dental hygiene when you have beautiful
pearly white teeth it just makes your smile look amazing or just makes your face glow you may not
really notice it if you don't have pearly whites but if you have like dingy yellow or slightly yellow teeth it just
does not make you look as attractive and it doesn't make you look as fresh and youthful you all seen people with really
like a beautiful smile and when they have a beautiful smile on their teeth of bright and white it's just something
about that that gives you that appearance of youthfulness and bright and energy so make sure you practice
great dental hygiene that means going to the dentist's office getting your teeth checked at least once a year
that means flossing that means brushing minimum of twice a day just make sure you take care of your your teeth and if
you don't have enough it's okay spice more it's quite all right buy you some teeth you may see some hair
you can buy you some body parts whatever you need to do make you feel good just to go ahead and do about yourself that's
right I don't have no problem with that let me get some money let me get some money see
what I'm gonna get I got a wig in there get a wig over there formal cornrow wig I had it on next video style tip number
seven make sure you invest in great bras you cannot beat the look of a really nice bra under your clothing it just
makes everything looks smooth and bras are so nice now I know Victoria's Secret has some absolutely beautiful bras let
me just say you know I again menopause them came in here you don't have Church and some of us have grandchildren
everything is not where it used to be dr. put them back with expose beep anyway listen you need a good bra you
need a good bra ballet Maidenform you don't be going over there getting brother all that lace on it they're not
gonna hold you but they need to the good bras have the wide side so they kind of took everything in on the side that were
wide back and they stay where they're supposed to stay you're rising up in the back and if you don't know what good bra
is or know what your size is go to the department stores even though everything's open now you can go to
Dillard's or Macy's or some really nice lingerie department store and they'll measure you and tell you exactly what
size bra you wear and now you're not gonna always wear the exact same size and every brand you probably will go up
or down a size dependent on the ground but make sure you wear a good bra and on top of that if you're worn out on a
special occasion say like to a formal affair affair makes you have good shapewear you
cannot there's there's nothing that tops good shape we're under a really nice ball gown you've seen women with
beautiful dresses own and everything under it just that look right but you saw Oprah at the Golden Globes on it
with that black dress smashed to the heavens did y'all see here here's a picture you'll see it yes you will see
this look it out look at that absolutely amazing when she walked on that stage I was like good lord she snapped up under
there she did nothing moved everything stayed in place she just looks seamless autumn you just can't beat that look so
make sure you have good fraud a good shapewear style tip number eight now you're not gonna find this tip in
anybody else's style tips for women over 40 this is just my personal thing I think everybody old forty should have at
least one pair of retro sneakers by retro I mean some Pumas some adidas or my favorite some Chuck Taylors
when you you see if you see an older person with a pair of Chuck Taylors on it just they
just look youthful and happy and energetic there's joy they just look it just instant style appeal I don't care
mister older gentleman with a suit on he has like the pants leg rolled up it has on Chuck Taylors or older lady with
white hair with some Chuck Taylors but I can't have two pair of myself it just says I have sale I'm living life I'm
feeling happy but I still I'm still you know I got a little shimmy shimmy with myself white fish it's just got that
kind of energy right there that's what them to say about it now tip number nine one more to go at this age
we've all gotten our wardrobe piece essentials so now we should be buying quality pieces versus quantity pieces we
buy a nice quality piece it's just Annaleigh it's just gonna lay different it's just gonna lay different it's gonna
wear different it's gonna be cut different you don't have to spend $2,000 fake say for a pair of pants or for a
dress but when you go out looking for something that's gonna last try to look for things that have natural fibers like
cotton linen wool it's gonna lie on your body the way it's supposed to lie it's gonna breathe it's gonna wick sweat from
your body it's just gonna it's gonna last much much longer it's not gonna beat up with all those balls on the side
you know we've I've done that we've all done it when we couldn't really afford something what something cheap and like
a sweater you wear two or three times and you see balls on the front of balls on the back now you've got the loose
shaver thing trying to shave the balls off if you go ahead and buy like the cashmere sweater and put sometimes
they're very expensive but Gigabyte cashmere blends which is a lot cheaper than pure cashmere into a cashmere blend
or wool blend or cotton and silk blend type shirt they're gonna last you a lot longer the colors are not gonna fade as
readily it's just gonna be a lot more upscale look put your clothes on so again by quality
over quantity last but not least add some color to your wardrobe we are not in mourning we do not need to wear black
24/7 black personally is my favorite color I have to make a conscious effort not to buy my clothing in black we all
know if you like an outfit if you like a shirt or a pair of pants in purple green yellow orange blue it's definitely gonna
look good in black but trying to stay away from wearing black when you wear colors it makes you look more youthful
more energetic it brings more energy to you so make sure you put pieces in your wardrobe that early they don't have to
be necessarily bright or fluorescent you can do primary colors you mean you do pastels that matter what color family
you choose and from just add some colors into your wardrobe if you're not comfortable say wearing with a yellow
shirt or a yellow dress wear a off-white or white dress or shirt add those pieces with your jewelry or with your glasses
or with your shoes with your purses or your accessories just add some color somewhere in your wardrobe and over time
you'll see now I have a more vibrant and more fresh and more youthful and more energetic looking wardrobe and it just
makes you feel a lot better when you add some color it looks a lot better it looks a lot cleaner it makes you look
more youthful and happy thank you so much for tuning into my channel I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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