Hostels Are Perfect for Older Women Traveling Alone [Video]

Hi everyone this is Margaret Manning with sixty and me I love to travel and I don't have a lot of money so when I was
deciding where to stay in Bali for two months I had to think very carefully about where I could afford to stay and
still you know be comfortable and safe and have some of the things that were important to me for example internet
good-quality internet access to the center of Abood where I could do my yoga practice and and also a place where I
could be comfortable for for two months and I found the most amazing place and in reality it's a hostel it's it's a
place that has private rooms but it also has dormitories for small groups I think about six or seven and then there are
some other you know individual properties as well but it's a really beautiful place it's right in the center
of town and it's one of those things you I when you think about hostels you also have a spectrum of expectation you know
there's the ones that you may think of with 30 people mixed dormitories lots of noise perhaps lots of possibility for a
danger and then there's places like this and this is becoming more of a trend and I would like to propose that older women
consider staying in a hostel if you are you know a little bit short of money or you just don't want to spend that much
on on accommodation I mean I've saved money by staying here that I can use for other travel for my
food and other expenses for my massages which are wonderful and you'll be able to just prioritize how much you want to
spend on the place that you sleep so I think that this place for example is very clean it's it's well looked after
the grounds are beautiful there's a swimming pool cafe where you can order light meals and the environment is
wonderful the host is great he organizes cultural evenings for people in the inn her staying at the hostel and I've just
been there I've have not been disappointed it's really been wonderful of course there is a spectrum of hostels
in the world you can find everything from very very inexpensive properties where the backpackers who don't have a
lot of money just want a place to sleep and are quite happy you know being with 20 30 other people you know that's okay
I mean that's that's a good option for them and then you have hostels where there are a beautiful rooms and
accommodation in fact this last summer I stayed for the first time in a hostel in Copenhagen it was called urban house
this place was amazing and to be honest with you of all the places I stayed during my month in the in Northern
Europe I liked it the best I thought it was just wonderful had the best facilities great Wi-Fi great people lots
of interesting music and art going on and also I was in that situation with five girls I stayed in a room with five
other girls the bathroom was actually inside our room so you didn't have to go into the hallway to go out to the to the
showers but it was great and these girls were funny they were from all over the world and I mean I
honestly I was the first one out in the morning and night I was the last one back um I was just you know having a
great time and so with it was wonderful and they made good friends it was one it was a really nice experience so that
when I came to Bali and you know decided to stay here I wasn't so afraid I knew what to expect now this place isn't
perfect there's lots of things that you have to compromise privacy noise I have little geckos that run on my wall but
trust me I've new luxury hotels in places like Bali have little geckos running on the wall as well and I've
learned to be you know friends with nature and you to really be creative about how I shape my space and and make
this my home because for two months it's you know it's quite a quite a while to stay in one place and I've I've chosen I
think I've chosen well so what is the are the qualities that you have to have if you are interested in staying in a
hostel in case you're interested in doing this first of all you have to be open-minded you have to be ready to
accept people from all different walks of life from all different backgrounds all different economic levels and you
just have to be willing to open your heart and your mind to their lifestyle to their priorities and it was important
to them and you know realize that you're you know you have equally unique needs and interests and you know it's part of
a building community these places are really collaborative and I think that some one of the things I like about
about this hostile environment now the other thing you have to have of course is patience
things don't work quite as smoothly as if you had a concierge organizing things for you you have to find a map and you
have to figure out your way around the town but people are always willing to go with you to help you to take you to the
nearest ATM if you want to get started and it's really in many ways a more friendly and comfortable immersion into
a new place but I think patience is important you know infrastructure is it quite as you know as stable as in other
maybe more you know elaborate hotels but this has been fine for me and I think you know being a little bit patient and
having that you know anything can happen attitude is is good I think being non-judgemental is related to being
accepting I think that I've learned a lot about myself in this situation and that's been great I think a lot of women
in our 60s worry about traveling alone we're fearful if you're full of bad things happening or being lost or taken
advantage of and of course you've got to be careful everywhere you go but this particular kind of environment
encourages independence and creativity and and self-sufficiency it's a good place to you know structure your muscles
your confidence muscles so there's a couple of things well definitely some things you'll get
here in a hostel that you wouldn't get anywhere else I mean for one thing you'll get people
that are so unique and wonderful and interesting I mean they really are they come from everywhere and they've got
stories to tell the other thing you'll get is great food I mean the food here is cooked on site and it's beautiful
it's very simple you know organic food and I think that's another nice feature you could go down for breakfast
literally down outside your door and have a great meal and the food is really really good another thing that you get
is entertainment okay now I'm gonna talk about music in a minute but I'll say right now is that you get music
entertainment and and from from there other people there staying here they may be playing a guitar or just singing or
you'll get live music in the evenings so I'll tell you about that in a second so I think that if you're thinking of
coming to a hostel and staying here for a few weeks or longer I've got some some chips just just based on my own
experience one would be a book early there are usually in these types of accommodations private rooms but they go
really fast because there's only maybe one or two of them so if you're thinking that you want to be in this kind of
place like this and you want to be alone have your own bathroom have your own maybe balcony mine's great as a little
balcony and lots of room then book early get to know the hosts I sent email to Kodak and Mark several
times just asking questions and you know making sure that the things that were on my mind were were dressed and they were
just responsive and and in fact I got I booked my this place through Airbnb some hostels booked their private rooms
through Airbnb and also through places like hostel Booker's calm or hostile world lots of options for finding you
know good good places but any we get to know your hosts take some earplugs back to music any brave I think that's my
biggest advice is just go for it you know women in our 60s were 20 in the 60s and think about the stuff you got up to
thinking about that things you did and the chances you took and just how adventurous you were with your life I
mean it's so wonderful we are able to travel and feel that again even if you're a little
achy or you're not quite as flexible you know you can enjoy what these young people are doing with their lives and
it's changing you know people are looking at the world through a completely different lens and it's for
me energizing and inspirational I've really enjoyed it so I think that's one thing
is just to be brave and and try to just keep you know keep things in perspective but what you won't get I mean you won't
get luxury accommodation you won't get your towels changed every day you'll get you know the room cleaned every day
usually but you know you don't get that kind of luxury treatment but luxury really for me is about experience rather
than stuff so that isn't such a measure for me of excellence but you won't get that you look at situations though like
the music we have out music three nights a week here and I know a little bit but then spend downstairs and one of the
nice it's beautiful is jazz rhythm and blues it's really great easy music and the other two is like mic night and this
means that local bands can just play what they play and usually it's pretty loud and it's it's not maybe your style
of music and yeah I mean I laugh if I if I actually have to listen to honky tonk woman or Hotel California one more time
I will scream but you know seriously I just put my headphones on I do my work I try to relax and and just just accept it
as part of this experience of being with younger people and and actually older people – there's lots of families here
there's because I'm I'm here the look that's a old-timer I'm here for longer than most I just get to see lots of
people coming and going and it's wonderful there's every every age represented and so it's um it's just a
you know a great cross-section of the world I think the other thing is getting besides saving money of course you get a
younger perspective on yourself you just feel more capable of you know taking chances I went on a scooter the other
day I was it was like when I came to Bali I'm never going on a scooter it's just
too dangerous and then yesterday someone offered to take me downtown and I said okay I jumped on it's so much
fun you know pushes you to all your limits and I think that's kind of cool so I guess my question for you is if you
want to save money and travel more what do you would you be willing to live in and stay in a hostel for a few weeks
or longer I'd really love to get your feedback on this leave your comments below and we can start a conversation
you know would you be willing and happy to stay in a hostel thanks everyone for being here hope you have a great day and

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