5 Benefits Of Travel for Women Over 40


[Music] any charges today I'd like to talk to you about some of the benefits of
traveling when you're over 40 so if you're kind of assumes that when you travel the younger you are the better
experiences you have the more you'll do it's actually entirely not the case well it might be the case but it's up to you
to do whatever it is that you want to do however what I really found in the last kind of 10 or 15 years of traveling is
that being over 40 this has been such a bonus there's been a few things the first thing the number one thing is that
you kind of invisible honestly I really didn't notice until I was actually doing an overland trip in Africa another years
ago and one of the girls on the truck was younger oh I'm very attractive and and she joined you know I didn't you
know the only things we would go places together be a few of us kind of thing and I really really noticed them that I
was pretty much invisible like everyone just assumed I was someone else's mum which I don't care oh but for from like
a traveling perspective um you know I thought I was free she couldn't walk around and you know in markets people
just come let me live that don't worry about me the other thing too is that you know I'm reasonably heavy so
I'm just this kind of middle-aged woman that's just kind of wandering around every guy loose so I was really really
good visible and as soon as I've noticed it I realize it and it'd be like that way for quite a few years and I remember
when I was doing my 20s and even early 30s traveling and no matter where you go there's always someone that's trying to
show you something or you know a tour or you know souvenirs or just anything and they follow you and they harass you and
I really discovered that now that I'm older it's assumed that I have a lot of travel experience now in this case I
actually do but using the same scenario I actually met a woman in Spain and we did a couple of days together just kind
of traveling and she was also my age she was German and it was a very first time she ever left Germany so she never left
Germany before she was 15 and it was the same thing people just assumed that because she was older she had experience
and I just didn't try and do any kind of creating new drama we did I though I was just it was really really cool that
moment that I went yeah like I'm not a young person you can be talked into things I'm an older person who is how do
you say no and happy to mean it and you know my tone of voice obviously is good
you know that's not your place if you haven't got one you're going to develop it you really do like you can't you
can't kind of any semblance of any kind of amusement smile interest you know you've got to look a hundred percent
ahead and look just look almost angry so you gotta go anyway moving on so the same thing that I've discovered that is
really good for tea is that personally I I don't care about stuff like I did when I was in my twenties uh you know like I
really have makeup on I always have like a tinted moisturizer that Merson because it's just a really nice moisturizer that
I found it's really lightweight and has a sunscreen in it and it just by accident once I bought the tinted one
and I actually liked it better it was an awesome what sure Reza so I've stuck with that but apart from that you will
almost never see me in my videos and stuff you'll never see me with makeup on very very rarely you know I think you
know when I was in Nashville you know I did it to go to the O P one night and you know maybe the other thing like that
but it's just it's not something that matters to me and that really when I was in Costa Rica a few years ago
and I was just Daniel hostile and it was just a little room with three beds and I was the first person in there put myself
at the bed and off my bed and I was gonna wonder when to have some lunch when I came back and there was a young
girl she was probably mid 20 so I'd say and a lot of young girl moon I've worked at we're doing the same things the next
day we're going to the ziplining people the day and and I'm hiking the following day I won't have you and you know I
never kind of suggest that we kind of join up initially because it does freak a lot of younger people out that you
know that they just would feel like I had them on with them so I never kind of do that really someone's my own age I
might kind of say oh do every birth feel like it maybe we'll share a cab or something but I didn't do it because you
know being kind of young girls kind of thought she probably would want to be alright I've got some other young people
and then in the morning when we got up I got up went to the loo and came back and I was just kind of getting my pack ready
for the day my tech backups putting my stuff in and she kind of said and you might as well use the bathroom and I
said yeah you go through 40 minutes she was in the bathroom for 40 minutes and she came out and I swear she heard
she had like kind of had that was because they liked mine but it was this beautiful smooth straight
she had a go to her a straightener she had a full face makeup and I mean full face makeup and I'm like and I thought
you know what good on you either whatever you feel that you need to do but that is 40 minutes of my life I
would never give back and that just does not matter to me anymore so normally has a older person I'm
saving 40 minutes a day probably 40 minutes exact experience no matter whether my hair is just tie back
and I don't have any makeup on or whether I have beautiful hair and fully made up face it's not gonna change one
iota the experience I have that day so what would I bother I'm not going to that's just me the
third thing I've noticed is that I am much more confident in my ability to say no my ability to walk away and my
ability to try really hard if I need to so I won't I've never been someone who gives up easily I must admit that I'm I
think determined is a word a lot of people used to describe me but I found that as I've got older that applies to a
wide range of scenarios so for example rune Vietnam four years ago – a long time ago now and I've seen in the
markets these um do newcomers so I feel estranged have – no it's um you know it's like think will they put on your
bed so it's you have what the inner part that would be like down or acrylic or whatever and then there's like a cover
that goes over the top of it so the whole thing we call it Doudna which I don't really think about it but that's
what we call it so I guess it confident if you're from the US or I quilt what about anyway I saw this these
covers in the market and they were just pure white with like self embroidery white embroidery on them and it was just
like and the leggings are imported it was like flowers I don't dance to stop me but this was really kind of why
filigree almost it was just you but that was lovely and I'd seen early that I've seen a woman in a cafe and she
bought one and she paid $35 for I think Annika member that was Australian in West but I mean was there five dollars
in people so I'm you know a fairly affordable and I can't I just have a bit of a sly look you know kind of walking
past and I spotted this one I really liked and and I saw the woman in she posted over $60 and artists was like no
I just don't want to spend much money I liked it but I'll go Jenica right now I am I don't need another one so I just
kind of figured if I can get over 30 bucks I'll get it that's fine so she said 60
and I just at all you know we're kind of never in the ballpark thanks anyway I kind of walked off and Brian how to get
me and because he had gone somewhere ever trying to catch a trying or something here we kind of had to hurry
so we come hurried away and then I thought when we come back I'll have another look so he had a day I came back
I don't know if I'm going to do it I'm going to go to Sam's store because she was the woman I really talked to so I
went there and I kind of talked to her about it and she was no firm only $60 and I just said well thank you very much
I really appreciate your time but I'm just not prepared to spend $30 was my maximum say thanks very much I'll just
leave oh and I meant to leave it I wasn't trying to negotiate but I worked out that you just have to be really nice
to people really honest to people just because you want to $30 doesn't mean you have the right to it with any dollars or
that she's even going to come down that low and I really hate shopping I hope you guys
and I just I do want to do it I was like 30 boxes here I don't get it for that but she was
16 I thought she's not gonna come down half so you know maybe 40 put my jesting one has been that much money and I was
right at the end of our trip and you know my budget was getting a bit thin and she kind of chased me laughter I
Western and I just turned around and I very calmly said well I really appreciate it I do but I mean I'm not
trying to go she ate $30 was my maximum and clearly I can I sell it to me for that and that's why that's no challenge
but I'm not interested thank you very much worse 30 years ago I probably would have just kept walking
and ignored her or want to be rude to uh but I wouldn't have been nice about it I wouldn't have explained to myself and
then at the end of the day yeah you know five o'clock she wouldn't remember this kind of like really tall kind of voice
remembers because I'm really tall this weird Australian woman who was very abrupt to her and I just discovered that
I learned over the years that's just not a way to treat people I was never rude or aggressive or
anything like that but I never was at I mean I never explained myself and I was never pleasant about it I'd just be like
oh thank you and off I'd go and I would just walk speedily very far so they couldn't catch me who taught Long Legs
more but but you have to still be nice to people like it's still a nice thing to say and explain to them why no we're
never going to get there so that they kind of know the next person isn't just maybe trying to rob them they maybe are
trying to go she ate I just wanted her to know I wasn't trying to be rude I wasn't trying to cut short
I just didn't want to spend much money well offing they had a lunch and then we came back and she came running across
the street with this dunya cover and said forty dollars and once again I was like look I'm not tryna go she ate I
just I don't want to spend more than thirty dollars it was just how much I was happy to spend I'm not happy to
spend any more than that so thank you thank you but no so I kept walking so she timer in the front thirty five
and then I'm sitting here thinking I quibbling with this woman over five dollars five dollars like my challenges
are God my life insurance is getting expensive you know my health insurance is $300 a month her challenges are she's
defeated kids tonight and pay them in on a stall that princess supplemented with a $5 and she shook my
hand and gave me a hug and said thank you so much I mean being very nice to deal with and empathic English and I
really thought that's the difference that is a difference so I really learned as I've got older to be nice to people
pop from the times that you need to travel face but you know if you're negotiating with someone and you don't
want to pay explain to them why shame so thank you very much back walk away don't just didn't think about it which I
probably want to tell you my twenties the other thing I think that I've learned which is what we know is that
the Sun goes the other direction I'm happy to just go know and walk away I've always been a no person I've always
can just say no I never feel the need to give a reason know is a moment you go to and so my dad used to say that to us all
the time we don't really need to say yes Bobby always taught me explain no and I think I still do but not younger but
I can do a know I can do a really firm no and no in a trouble face combined yet no one's chasing me down the street and
that's the other advantage is they know that at this age they a like I mentioned earlier assume that you had trouble
experience and B so you are really good this you to be alright and B you're not your firm note is a
firm no they know they're not going to talk you into it like they are when you're 20 you're like there's been times
actually probably not many I must have meant because if I'm gonna say no that's it it's no but Brad in particular used
to are you see say these crazy processor people they feel like you know it for $25 do you like four bucks like it'd be
four bucks I mean like don't do that because now they think that's a starting point and
then just for them well even now like I'm not that I would ever do that because I kind of thing zero but if I
did I feel like they're very much convinced that my answer is my answer and I'm not going to be swayed so that's
been really really going on with my I'm actually in the bathroom relay because it houses life is kind of open and kind
of Queen set aside so you can either try be going far past past past past past yeah um so I mean the bottom is this
reason if I go ahead so yeah I bought my body bikes someone's going crazy so I apologize
about that but yeah they're the biggest four things I've found actually there's probably under five as well is I have
the ability to prioritize really well now so even though I travel always on a budget I'm always always on a budget and
I really do watch my pennies while I watch my pennies I know where I can save it and I know where I should spend it so
for example you know I'm traveling in I can think of a good example where were in Botswana we're kind of over landing
on the truck and you have an option not so much on the west coast once you kind of get through the southern and eastern
side all the places we stop at campsite there's also like little dreams as well so you have the opportunity to pay for
the rooms you want to get out of your tent what have you and I did that quite a few times I must admit specially when
the weather was rubbish I really felt like that was a bonus that oh I could do what I wanted but I didn't do it as much
as I would have liked because that gave me the ability to prioritize my funds so that when we got to do come in the Delta
I could pay my 250 bucks us and do the fly over the Delta and things like that so I'm not going to go whitewater
rafting bungee jumping skydiving wherever I'm anywhere because I've done all those things and I'm not gonna throw
money at doing something again just because it's an experience in another country that just doesn't make sense to
me but what I would do is like I say I bought a ticket to the Opry on opening night of CMA week in Nashville kind of
thing and I don't even like country music but I want and want this experience I'm never gonna have
and I got there in insieme we quite accident I didn't even know we'll see in a week and then it went on to me about
the ovary I don't know when the chance was so expensive it was sold out anyway I was like well that's not gonna happen
and then I realized it was CMA week and the cheese tonight was the opening night at the oprea so I got on StubHub and I
think it was $200 but I paid $200 an hour web and was awesome Oh like Coachella I did Coachella a
couple years ago and I had to buy the ticket before I left Australia and you bought it about six months out you don't
even know who the lineup is at this point and I could only get a VIP ticket for the weekend I wanted to go and it
was $900 us but in one I bought it and it was the best thing either gene because of your hair it was awesome
right next to the main stage clean toilets three toilets you know they don't you know to wine are but it
was really cool I would recommend anybody if you gather through the whole story day and you're gonna give it a
really good nut butter we have beer ticket but these are the things that I feel now I can do and then there's other
things I won't do like you know have my own coffee you know I can wherever I'm anywhere I
always can bought it a lot of people they could have a coffee make my travel mug and off I go so I'm not spending
five bucks a day somewhere on coffee like and so I find I really as I've got older prioritizing stuff has become much
easier it's much more automatic and I feel like I end up with heaps more out of it so that's kind of helped you to
think about yourself traveling over 40 you know you don't need the things you did when you're 20 you're ashamed you've
got more experience you are relatively invisible which is pretty cool and you have normally maybe a little bit of
extra in or a little bit of extra savings or a job to go back to or something that's
going to help you out to make those kind of financial decisions not just while you're saving but while you're on the
road as well let me know any comments anything I missed because you know always been something and I will see you
next week I think it's going to be a destination you actually so I'll see you there

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