Diabetes Dangerous Fruits

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What fruits diabetics should avoid?
What fruit is good for diabetics?
What are best fruits for diabetics?
What do diabetics need to avoid?

Diabetics Should Stay Away from this Fruit
People with diabetes should aware and need to educate themselves about the right kinds of foods to eat to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables is advisable, but fruit contains natural sugars, and so it can be confusing to work out how much a person with diabetes can eat.
If you have diabetes, dietitians say you should consume fruits with caution. When it comes to watermelons for diabetes, experts say, patients should keep an eye on the glycemic index of the fruit.

Watermelon is known to be the favourite fruit of many people, but if you are a diabetic, you are bound to ask whether it is safe for you.
The watermelon belongs to the gourd family, and has good nutritional value and is a great source of lycopene, which reduces your risk of cancer and heart disease.

So considering that it has a high glycemic index and is a source of carbohydrates, should it be avoided by diabetics?

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly sugar from food enters the bloodstream. The faster this happens, the more likely it is that a person’s blood sugar levels will spike or rise quickly.

Foods are given a number or GI between 1 and 100. The higher the number, the more quickly sugar enters the bloodstream.

Watermelon has a GI of 72 per 100 g serving. Any food item with a GI of 70 or more is considered high. Because of this, people with diabetes should carefully consider how much watermelon they consume. Large quantities may cause blood sugar levels.

Other good fruits for diabetes:
As a general rule, fruit with lower carbohydrate content has a lower GI, so a person with diabetes can eat more.

Fruits with a low GI include:
plums — GI 24
grapefruits — GI 25
peaches — GI 28
apricots — GI 34
pears —GI 37
Choosing fruits with lower levels of sugar and carbohydrates and being careful about consuming sugary liquids, such as fruit juices and smoothies, is advisable

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