No Hand Sanitizer? Stay Healthy With These 7 Tips

If you want to get rid of germs, hand sanitizer isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. Hand sanitizer doesn’t necessarily kill germs, and it stays on your hands. What you really want to do is to make changes to your health that are permanent and keep you healthy all the time.

Prevention is really the best way to stay disease free. Focusing on your mental health and keeping your stress levels down can help to prevent many of the problems you may have because our mental health affects our physical health.

When the mind can’t find a way to process a trauma or a problem, then the trauma or problem may manifest itself as a physical issue. The mind and body work together. So to help you prevent disease and illness, the best thing to do is to take care of your mental health so your body can heal itself.

7 Ways to stay healthy without hand sanitizer

Washing your hands with soap is actually the best way to get rid of germs. Here are other things you can do to stay healthy without hand sanitizer. 7 Ways to stay healthy without hand sanitizer

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