Can’t Make the Gym Right Now? Consider This At-Home Cardio Workout

If you work at home, or stuck at home because of COVID-19, you know it can be hard to avoid staying out of the refrigerator. The last thing you want to do is to pack on those extra pounds due to the pandemic.

If you don’t have a fitness plan, maybe now is the time to get started. If you do have a fitness plan, this workout may help you shake things up. Regardless, this free cardio workout will help you burn some calories and relieve stress during this pandemic.

Missing the gym amid COVID-19? Here’s a special at-home cardio workout for Star readers Keeping up with fitness and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult. As people self-isolate and practise social distancing, many gyms are closed. That’s why we asked Jennifer Lau, co-owner of the Fit Squad training facility and Nike Master Trainer to create a cardio workout for Star readers. Lau is a celebrity trainer and holistic nutritionist. She’s also the co-founder of The Real Toronto, a movement created to empower diverse women in Toronto’s health and fitness industry by creating a space for them to connect and providing opportunities to network and thrive. Lau says her in-home workout focuses on building your cardiovascular system, power, stability and core. Missing the gym amid COVID-19? Here’s a special at-home cardio workout for Star readers

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