5 Ways to Stay Fit During COVID-19

5 Ways to Stay Fit During COVID-19

Although I am concerned about the current crisis, I know that getting stressed out about it is probably the worst thing you can do. According to Dr. Alexander Loyd in his book The Healing Codes, about 95 percent of illness and disease is rooted in stress. Deal with the stress, and you can avoid most disease. It also allows the body to become self healing as stress blocks the body’s ability to heal itself.

For those who already work from home, the current crisis is really no big deal, at least in terms of social distancing and getting sick. The key is developing systems to get the work done and having regular work hours.

If this is your first time working from home, or you’re laid off from your job, it can be a stressful time. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help deal with that stress and avoid the weight gain that can come from being at home.

Although starting a fitness program right now may seem stressful because you’re adding to your list of things to do, it’s really the best thing you can do. It will help you clear your mind as well as release any excess energy you may have, and you can approach your work calmly. Here’s how to get started.

5 Ways to Stay Fit During COVID-195 Ways to stay fit during a perfect storm of everything working against you I try to avoid blogging about current events ever since a reader told me she was unsubscribing because “Why do I care what YOU think about the Olympics??” (which was in the news at the time). I made the mistake of saying something in passing about Michael Phelps. Apparently it triggered her. Maybe she’s allergic 5 Ways to stay fit during a perfect storm of everything working against you

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