How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success

I have suspected for a long time that a system like “The Secret“doesn’t really work. It’s really not so much that they don’t work. They’re just incomplete. They show you what to do. They don’t show you how to do it.

The reason is that these types of systems don’t really incorporate action into the whole process of success. Taking action is a crucial ingredient of success. Unless you take action, nothing happens.

However, there are plenty of negative people who are successful. Negative people can become successful because they follow the laws of the universe. The problem is that they don’t really enjoy their success, whether it’s financial or in other areas of their lives.

This is why systems like “The Secret” can only become a launching pad for your success. The key to enjoying your success does start in the mind.

If you really want to succeed, and you want to enjoy your success as well, there are certain things you need to do that will help you.

Here are five that I have used successfully:

1. Meditate for stress reduction and relaxation.

Meditation doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t have to use any special words or anything like that. Simply sitting for 15 minutes a day and clearing your mind will have a dramatic impact on your stress, as well as help you relax.

To meditate, all you have to do is find a comfortable chair or recline on the floor. Let your body relax. Find something to focus on. Clear your mind. Meditation will help you relax and allow those things in life you need to deal with come to the surface.

2. Read something motivational/inspirational

We put a lot of “junk” into our minds, whether it’s television, magazines, and tons of stuff on the internet. I know my daughter is particularly fond of reality TV and celebrity magazines.

I find that stuff to be depressing. Regardless of your faith or persuasion, there is plenty of stuff to read that is positive and reveals universal human truth.

Commit to spending a few minutes each day, preferably at least 15 minutes, reading something that will help you become more positive.

3. Put a “STOP” to those negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are unhealthy. Doctors estimate that at least two thirds of all illness has a pyschological root.

According to Dr. Alexander Loyd in The Healing Codes, 95 percent of disease is the result of stress. Stress is the result of how we choose to handle our lives, and if we don’t have the tools to act effectively, stress will have a negative impact on our lives.

These factors affect our health because you cannot separate the mind from the body. This is a testament to how powerful the mind really is.

From my own personal experience, I know that the negative thoughts we often have are about ourselves. The way to stop those thoughts is every time you have one say “Stop” either in your mind or out loud. Do this enough times, and you’ll eventually stop having those thoughts.

4. Set goals.

When most people set goals, they do it a way that doesn’t work. Often the goals are vague, like they want a lot of money, or they don’t have a deadline for achieving what they want. They have so many things they want to do in life that they get overwhelmed in choosing a goal, or worse, don’t know what they want at all.

If you want to set goals, the first step is to know exactly what you want. What is your ultimate goal? Is it to have $10,000,000 in the bank? Is it to find your dream lover? What about your health? Without great health, it’s hard to have the energy to achieve success in wealth or relationships.

Regardless of what your goal is, decide your overall goal in life. Decide when you want to really have it. Then break that overall goal down into smaller goals that contribute to the overall goal. Accomplish each little goal, and eventually, you will accomplish your overall goal.

5. Visualize your goals to achieve success.

Most people take the “seeing is believing” approach to life. Because they think they have to see it before they can believe it, they never see it.

You have to see the end result in your mind first. It all starts in your mind. Once you see it in your mind, then your goal can become a reality. The mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what is being visualized.

The way to do this is close your eyes for a few moments. See yourself driving that car, living in that house, going out to dinner with your dream lover. Fully experience all the sights, sounds, and smells that you would experience if it were really happening. This helps you to make those emotional attachments that make so many memories vivid.

See it in your mind first, and then take action. This is the true secret to achieving success.