7 Simple Ways to Be Happier

7 Simple Ways to Be Happier

Regardless of what time of the year it is, events sometimes take place that can throw us off and cause us to get down. Then it’s time to take some time off to regroup. If you have a problem you need to solve, then maybe it’s time to back off, clear your mind, recharge your batteries, and get back on track.

There are things you can do that will help you get back on track. Once there, then you’ll be more mentally prepared to deal with whatever is bothering you. You’ll think more clearly, and it will help you solve your problem much more quickly.

1. Exercise.

Of all the things I do each day to keep myself on track and moving forward in a positive way in my life, nothing works better than exercise. I used to walk about six times a week for 30 minutes, and I’ve noticed that when I started, my moods have improved, I looked and felt better, and it was much easier to get rid of a bad mood because I had gotten in the habit of being happy.

You don’t have to walk or exercise this much in order to reap the benefits. Walking just 30 minutes three times a week is enough to treat mild to moderate depression. Even if you aren’t depressed, this will help you lift your mood, and you will think more clearly.

The key here is consistency. Although walking just once is enough to get you out of a bad mood, walking regularly will improve your mood and help you avoid getting into a mood that stops you from solving whatever issues you are facing.

2. Listen to upbeat music.

Music soothes the soul. I often use it when I am writing because it helps me to write faster, and I find it to be motivating.

Choose your music based on your mood. If you need to relax, it’s a good idea to choose music that will make you relax. If you want to uplift yourself, listen to music that is upbeat. Be careful here though.

Regardless of what music you choose, you want to choose music that doesn’t contain lyrics that are downbeat. Even if the music is pleasurable, lyrics can also influence you because it can make you think about your problems.

If you’ve just suffered a breakup or some other event, listening to romantic music will do the same thing as music with downbeat lyrics.

3. Try something new.

Sometimes a new activity can be the right thing to help you feel better. We should all have hobbies and other interests outside of our families and work. It creates a balance in your life.

I often crochet when I’m watching TV or I play video games when I need to be distracted. This helps to take my mind off problems, and games can often improve your mental acuity.

Keep your balance here though. If you find yourself using your hobby or games to distract yourself all the time, then you may have a far deeper problem you need to deal with.

4. Remember laughter is the best medicine.

Sometimes we all need a good laugh. I find that watching funny videos on YouTube makes me laugh especially if I watch videos about great times in my life: when I served in the Army. A funny movie or TV show is also a great way to make yourself laugh. Having someone tell you a good joke works too.

Just remember though, when using new activities to distract yourself, don’t spend too much time doing this. An hour of television should be more than enough to make you feel better. Otherwise, you may have a far deeper problem.

Don’t use these things as an escape. This is different from just simply distracting yourself. Distraction is healthy for you as it temporarily takes you away from the problem. Escape is not because it’s a way of avoiding the problem.

5. Try meditation.

Meditation is one of those things I also use every day to help me stay on track. It’s very relaxing, and it helps me to get focused. I tend to be an intense and passionate person by nature, and so meditation helps me to relax and focus on those things I need to do to accomplish my goals.

There are a lot of courses available, like Brain Evolution or Maxximind, you can use or you can simply meditate while listening to music or sitting in silence. There really is no right way to do this. Just sitting still with your eyes closed about 20 minutes per day will do the trick.

6. Do something for those who are less fortunate.

A person who is less fortunate is someone who has had something happen in his/her life that was unexpected. It happens to all of us. Sometimes we cause these situations and other times bad things just happen to us. Whatever the reason, it’s an opportunity to help someone who may not be in a position to solve his/her own problem alone.

Get involved and help others. It will help take your mind off your problems. You will also find that it makes your problems seem much more manageable. There is always someone who has it a lot worse than we do, and it can quickly put problems in the right perspective.

7. Get some rest.

When I work too hard and don’t take care of myself the way I should, I often get headaches. Happens to all of us. Although I try to avoid situations like this, sometimes it is impossible because of writing deadlines I have to meet.

If you can avoid situations like this, do it. If not, and you find yourself in a situation like this, take a nap or go to bed earlier. Sometimes a nap of just 30 minutes can be enough to recharge yourself.

The most effective plan I have found for keeping myself from getting in situations where I feel overwhelmed is to have a daily routine. This includes exercise, meditation, and reading something that is motivating.

I also avoid watching the news or paying too much attention to politics because it only frustrates me. I highly recommend you pay attention to situations like this as it can help you avoid getting too stressed in the first place.

Do what works for you, but do it. Avoiding your problems and escaping can cause depression. The longer you wait to deal with your moods, the harder it is to fix these problems. Use these tips to help you get back on track.