Mutual Respect: The Hidden Relationship Key

Mutual Respect: The Hidden Relationship Key


When asking established couples what makes for a strong relationship, approximately 75 percent of them pointed to respect as a foundation component.

Far too often people believe flashy things keep their relationship on track. A general lack of respect leads to several serious problems. Couples must understand the allure of other relational elements, the reasons respect proves so important and the support provided to areas for both people when respect exists.

Don’t Get Distracted

Lesser items with more sizzle than substance serve to pull couples off track. Distractions undermine far more of the relationship than the surface may indicate.

Physicality: An important component, especially early in the relationship, consumes more time and energy. Chasing raw attraction without supporting other areas may establish unhealthy responses giving couples little to share outside their personal drives.

Sweet Expressions: Empty compliments without ties back to items of substance fails to allow room for growth. While it might be nice to hear how warm someone feels by being around you, these platitudes, even truthful ones, will crumble under real conversations.

Being Right: In course of deeper discussions, a need to right no matter the costs creates an adversarial relationship. It is not unusual for couples to challenge one another. Displaying a perceived intellectual superiority cultivates a distance where desire withers and dies.

The temptation is to look at these and other distractions as occurring mostly during the early stages of relationships. Personal interests, lack of communication and general disrespect never limit itself to new relationships. Couples must be on guard for things seeking to tear at their relationship.

Importance of Respect

The heart of respect beats in time with value for the other person. When a person respects their partner, they want to understand where they are coming from, prevent themselves from only lashing out or belittling the other person and acting with an eye toward what type of response their voice and actions may cause.

Far too often, the presence of respect rarely gets noticed. It is more a matter of the absence of respect which rises to the surface because of the pain caused. Causing the pain should spur a decision to return to a foundation of respect.

Hidden Benefits of Respect

The qualities of respect by itself are often enough to encourage people to pursue it for its own end. However, respect supercharges or drains other parts of the relationship. Seeing the interplay between respect and these other areas increases a focus on respect.

  • Gentleness: In light of mutual respect, people treat each other with greater tenderness in several areas.
  • Openness: Couples allow for a wider range of experiences by knowing they have respect from their partner.

  • Support: Both partners with mutual respect grow more supportive including situations where the threats come from outside the relationship.

* Communication: Not being afraid to say things incorrectly, broach uncomfortable topics or share deeper feelings stems from being in a respectful relationship.

Mutual respect always proves a critical element because it, like breathing, must be an underlying component for everything else. Challenges will arise and couples must trust the one they love believes and respects them.

Love never flourishes in a place where someone is devalued. Be encouraged when mutual respect exists and allow it to deepen over time. In such an environment, anything becomes possible and that is a great place to live.

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