3 Steps to Potent Passion

3 Steps to Potent Passion

Couples seek ways to fire up their lives. Often the word passion denotes a focus on the bedroom. Passion means more than strictly a physical connection.

Passion builds an existing connection. Couples without connection rarely create the heat necessary to spark deep and lasting passion. Taking these small steps permit couples to move toward greater passion and find the right spot to light the fire they need.

Changes Are Key

A routine allows couples to possess a sense of continuity in their relationship. A fine line exists between comfort and staleness. Couples who experience the same things repeatedly have a tendency to fall closer into complacency. They sense everything is fine and will always be that way.

This makes throwing a little variety critical to igniting passion. Step one is making a change, any change, and see where things go. Some ways to shake things up can include planning an event with a small amount of direct interaction like a concert. Travel provides an easy way to change things up by drastically altering the surroundings, entertainment options and local cuisine making passion a pleasurable byproduct.

Take More Risks

Couples looking to fire things up must do more than just change things. Making an effort by expanding their horizons offers an opening for passion to enter. Risks come in several stripes. What may sound daring to one partner may be dipping a toe in the pool for another.

Talking about what to do, how risky to be and getting comfortable with these expectations assures both people will not be uncomfortable when the time comes to jump in the water.

One should never force their partner into things they do not want to do because nothing stifles passion like an unwilling participant. Let’s look at some guidelines for stretching the boundaries.

  • Make It New for Both of You: No one should be an expert because it allows growth and comfort for both of you.
  • Be Open: Saying yes, even with the possibility of appearing foolish, will generate a thrill leading to enriching passion.

  • Laugh About the Mistakes: Doing something risky means things might not go perfectly and laughing about the foibles frees everyone up to do it again.

Contact Is Critical

Passion grows best in an environment where every level of relational contact is present. Couples who communicate well, trust one another and connect find passion in almost everything they do. They relish the new things they experience while enjoying tasks other may find mundane.

Physical contact is more than merely sexual contact. Hand holding can occur in the grocery store or after a mud run where both people are filthy and tired. Simple touching can grow to more intimate contact. Stolen kisses linger for longer and longer making skin warm to match beating hearts.

More important than mere physical contact is a meeting of a couple’s hearts. Hearts united and open will give each person the freedom they need to share the deepest longings, desires, and truths. In the cauldron of deep love, passion blazes bright. Couples are able to maintain a passion like this because of the trust they have in each other.

Passion proves best when maintained and grown over time. Phases of life exist where passion flees. Often outside circumstances rob couples of their passion.

One of the saddest days occurs when a couple surrenders their passion thinking it has been lost forever when all they need is a little time and care. Take the steps necessary and jealously guard the passion between you because it is priceless.

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