Make Money Online For Free: Physical Products

Make Money Online For Free: Physical Products

Although selling physical products online is not as easy as selling digital products, it’s still a viable option for making money online. You still have the same options as you have with digital products: you may sell your own products or someone else’s.

Now, there are three things that you need to know here:

1. Find a product to sell or create one.

One of the easiest ways to make money is with physical products like books and CDs. You can even automate the process of creating and selling the actual physical product with on-demand services like Create Space, Lulu, and Kunaki.

If you prefer to sell the products of others, you’ll find millions of products available. Sites like Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Amazon offer products for just about any topic you can imagine. Two ways you may promote these products is to write product reviews or integrate data feeds or RSS feeds into your website.

Store systems like Woocommerce and Shopify allow you to build a store and sell both your own products as well as affiliate programs. You may also use programs like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to sell your programs on sites like Amazon.

2. Price your product correctly.

If you are selling your own products, you will want to create different offers, just as you would with digital products. This will allow you to meet different customer needs and bring your customers in at different price points. You may even consider raising the price of your products as this will not only bring you more revenue, but some customers actually won’t buy your products if they’re priced too low.

3. Build a website and then drive traffic to that website.

About half of the businesses within the United States don’t have an online presence. Some of these companies simply won’t translate that well to the internet, and they won’t benefit from internet marketing. However, for a lot of businesses, they’re leaving money on the table by not building an online presence.

Creating a presence online is not that hard. You can either build your own website or get someone else to do it for you for a very low cost. You can add your site to Google Business for free and generate local physical traffic to your business.

Internet marketing techniques like article writing, search engine optimization, social marketing, and forum marketing will also help you to connect with your customers. Forum and social marketing will give you a chance to find out what products potential customers are looking for.

If you sell to other businesses, your best place to market is on Linkedin. Linkedin is the largest social media site online strictly devoted to business.

Offering a free newsletter to keep potential customers informed of new products and resources you offer. This will allow you to build a relationship with them. You’ll increase your credibility and increase your chances of making the sale.

To make money online for free with physical products is a little more difficult because it’s harder to find products with the level of profits you may earn from products like digital products.

Don’t rule out physical products though. If you choose the right topic, you’ll make a lot of money.

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