Market Your Business Online For Free: Blogs

Market Your Business Online For Free: Blogs

If you like to write, and you’re looking for a way to market, build an internet presence, and make money at the same time, blogging is the perfect way to do that. One of the reasons is that blogging allows you to move past website creation.

Once you set up your blogging platform, then you can focus on the writing and content creation. You build your site as you go, but you separate your content from your design. This allows you to change your site design at any time, but you’re not spending a lot of time on the technical aspect.

Blogs are search engine friendly. The search engines love them, and they tend to rank highly. That’s why it’s uncommon to see one-page websites ranking highly in the search engines.

You can’t always tell from looking at high ranking blogs, but unless the site owner left the “powered by” tag in the footer, you’ll discover that many of these sites are built on the WordPress platform.

(WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. The reason is that it’s so easy to customize.)

To get started building your blog, here’s what you need to do:

1. Decide what the topic of your blog will be.

If you think you may change the topic of your blog down the road, you may want to consider buying your name for your domain or buying a rather generic domain. This will allow you to more easily change your site in the future if you decide you’re no longer interested in your topic.

Otherwise, consider buying a domain that has your keywords in it. In the case of branding, seriously consider buying your name. This will help others to see you as an expert provided you provide good content. Whether you’re selling your own products or someone else’s will have an impact too.

2. Choose the type of products you’ll be offering.

You have a lot of flexibility here because you can market both your own products and others’ products. In fact, you can write about just about anything that you want. This allows you to build multiple streams of income from one site.

(WordPress makes it easy to create a shop and integrate payment processing through Woocommerce. Woocomerce will help you build a complete platform for your store that is search engine friendly.)

3. Choose your blogging platform.

The most popular platform is WordPress self-hosted, but there are other good places to publish blogs if you don’t have any money to buy domains and web hosting.

Blogger is as good a choice as the free version of WordPress online. The problem with is that they don’t allow you to market affiliate programs so you really are limited in what you can do. Google owns Blogger and is much more flexible.

(Although WordPress self-hosted is free, you’ll need to purchase hosting and domains if you want to be seen as a professional as well as a real business.)

What platform you decide to use is up to you. Once you set up your site, start creating content. You’re not limited to writing either. You can add videos, images, and audios if you like. You may even want to consider podcasting. Whatever you do, make sure your blog is a rich content platform your visitors will use.

If you want to create hands-free income for your business, email marketing is the way to go. Once you create your lists and create your gift to give away, then you simply send messages to your list to build a relationship.

Building a relationship with your list makes your readers trust you. When they trust you, they will buy from you.

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