Market Your Business for Free: Video

Market Your Business for Free: Video

Video is one of the absolute best ways to market your business online because so many people love them. In fact, it’s the most popular content online. It’s so much easier to explain how to do something when you use a video to market your business.

Video sites are also very popular. Besides the fact that YouTube was bought for several billion by Google should tell you that. Regardless, it’s an excellent way to market your business, and if you’re not much of a writer, then you can still create good content that your users will love. Also, if you’re an actor, musician, performance artist, or anyone that does anything that’s even remotely visual, this is a great way to promote your stuff.

To get started, the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for some video site accounts. There are tons of video sites out there.  (About 65 percent of the video traffic goes to YouTube, so it is crucial you have a presence here.)

What’s important is that you make sure you sign up for sites where it would be a good place for you to promote. You don’t want to try putting business videos on an adult site, and you don’t want to violate the terms of service for the site you’re using either.

The best way to find video sites to market on is to do a search in Google. You also want to make sure you tie your video promotion to your social media promotions, so make sure you post your videos to your social accounts like Facebook and MySpace too.

Once you’ve found several sites to market on, then sign up and complete your profiles. Include a link back to your website and any relevant information you think should be on your profile. Make it look professional. You want to make a good impression on those who visit your page, and you want them to go your website for more information.

Next, create a video to submit. Write a good title and description, and choose tags to add to your video page. Make sure you include keywords that are relevant to your video. Don’t make up keywords just because you want to connect with a certain market. Untargeted marketing is a complete waste of time, like spam. I mean seriously, who falls for that anymore?

Submit your video. Check to make sure that everything is working. This should be a no-brainer but some don’t do it.

When you’re satisfied with your submission, then create new videos and start the submission process over again.

Remember, search engine optimization is critical to your success here. You want to make sure you do it. Also, the more quality targeted videos you have to promote you, the better. Just don’t forget to cross promote them on social sites as it will get you even more traffic.

If you want to create hands-free income for your business, email marketing is the way to go. Once you create your lists and create your gift to give away, then you simply send messages to your list to build a relationship.

Building a relationship with your list makes your readers trust you. When they trust you, they will buy from you.

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