Market Your Business for Free: Forums

Market Your Business for Free: Forums

Although forum marketing is one of the oldest ways to market, it is still an effective way to market. The reason is that it allows you to connect with rabid fans who are interested in the same topics you are.

By connecting with those who share the same interests you do, you have an opportunity to build a base of rabid fans for your products and services. This is one of the secrets to creating a six-figure business.

Before you start marketing with forums though, you’ll want to do some preparation. Your first step is to start by finding forums on your topic. This is really easy to do.

Do a search in your favorite search engine for your topic plus the word forums. For example, if your passion is gardening, then you’ll want to search for “gardening forums” (without the quotes). There will be a few things you need to look for in order to find the right forums to market on.

1. Look for forum networks.

A forum network is a site that offers users the ability to create a forum. These sites get a lot of traffic, and down the road, you may want to either create your own forum or look for other, or similar forums to market on.

You’ll find a wide variety of topics, so simply browse these sites to find what you’re looking for. (An example of this type of site is I am not affiliated with this site, but it was the first site I found in the gardening niche that was actually a forum network.)

2. Look for sites that have a lot of members, posts, and activity.

The most important factor here is activity. You can have a forum that only has a few hundred members but is very active. A lot of activity generates a lot of posts. Posts are content for the search engines. This content gets indexed by the search engines and exposes you to a much wider audience.

Even better is that this is content you don’t have to create if you have your own forum. You can also buy your own domain and hosting and install your own self-hosted forum.

Once you have found several forums that meet these criteria, select four or five. These will be the sites you will start marketing on. (You can always go back and choose other forums to market on later as you build up your marketing using these sites.)

Complete your profile. Try to add a picture if you can. Don’t create fake profiles. Be real. No one wants to do business with someone pretending to be someone else. If you’re found out, it will damage your reputation, and makes you look like a scam artist. Be who you are.

Add your signature if the system allows you to. A signature is a short blurb about your product or service and includes your link. I suggest you give away a freebie to build your list and then recycle your traffic. This is how you will advertise your product.

Make sure you read and understand the forum guidelines first before creating your profiles or posting. If you don’t, you could end up being thrown off the forum, and you will have wasted a lot of time building your profile for nothing.

After that, just go to the forums you have chosen and get involved. Connect with others, build your reputation, and you’ll build traffic and sales.

If you want to create hands-free income for your business, email marketing is the way to go. Once you create your lists and create your gift to give away, then you simply send messages to your list to build a relationship.

Building a relationship with your list makes your readers trust you. When they trust you, they will buy from you.

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