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My career on the Internet actually started in Journalism school. I graduated from Central Michigan University in 1994, and I graduated with a B.A.A. with majors in both Journalism and English Language as Literature. Although I tried working as a Journalist for a small town newspaper in Harrison, Michigan, I discovered that I could make far more money working for myself.

I also worked as a print military journalist (46Q) in the Michigan Army National Guard. The Department of Defense had awarded me the 46Q MOS. (1991-1998) Previously I served in the US Army in Signal Corps. My primary MOS was 32F, Fixed Ciphony Repair, while I also earned the 71L, Administrative Specialist MOS. (1982-1986)

I set up my site in 2001 with the goal of making money from my writing as well as creating my own products and services. Since then, I have sold everything from affiliate products to my own products and services.

In 2016, I came up with the idea for my brand, Over 40 and Irresistible. My idea stemmed from my frustration of feeling less valued as a woman over 40. One of the things I discovered is that the most underserved market online is women over 40. Although women over 40 have the most disposable income to spend, they are the most underserved market both online and offline. Since I am part of this market, and I understand the unique challenges we share as women over 40, I decided to devote myself to serving the women in this market. My goal is to help you achieve success in their lives that so many of us crave.

I think most of us want to achieve success in life. We just don’t know how. To achieve success in life, we have to address the three major areas of our lives: health, wealth, and relationships. Most of us know what we want to achieve. We just don’t know how to do it.

My goal here is to not only help women over 40 achieve success in life in the three major areas of their lives. I want to show them how to do it.

Success is different for each of us. Some may want to discover how to manage their medications better while others want complete healing in their health. Some of us want to turn back the clock. Others want to achieve a life-changing income while others want to learn how to manage their money better or prepare for retirement. As for relationships, some women are looking for the man of their dreams while others want to discover how to better manage their current relationships with their husbands or boyfriends.

Whatever your challenge in these three major areas of your life, I can help you discover your path and achieve the results you want.

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I wish you much success in life!

Jinger Jarrett