Make Money Online For Free: Upsells/Cross Sells

Make Money Online For Free: Upsells/Cross Sells

Upsells and cross sells are simple and passive ways to make money online. They are also a long term strategy for earning extra cash, so if you are new to online business, you may not want to implement these strategies unless you understand how to do it.

An upsell is where you are offering an additional offer. For example, if you are selling an ebook on writing articles, then you may want to consider offering article templates, or some type of submission software as your additional offer. Basically what this offer does is it allows you to make it easier, or faster, to do whatever you are offering in the original product.

Cross sells generally go on your download page or receipt page. These offers allow you to offer additional products, and this is a great way to integrate joint venture offers with your offers. The key here is that the offer should be complimentary. In this it’s very simple to do. As in the other example, if you are offering an ebook about article writing, then offer some type of submission software or maybe article writing software.

Now these strategies will work with both your own products, or you may want to consider using affiliate products as your upsell and cross sell offers. Whichever you choose to use, you will want to make sure that your product choices are a natural extension of what you are already selling.

An upsell is integrated between the sales page and the download page. This is often a one time offer. The offer itself should cost less than it would if it were the original offer, and this should be the one chance the buyer has to purchase this offer.

You can buy simple one time offer (OTO) scripts to create these types of offers. When buyers click on your buy button, instead of going to checkout, they should be taken to the offer page and then to the checkout page. Using a shopping cart can make the process a lot easier than if you simply created two separate transactions. The goal here is to integrate the offer into your sales process. In other words, this is part of the flow of the sales process.

With your cross sell, which is easier to use with affiliate programs, you offer an additional product on your download page. Again, this offer should complement what you are already offering, but it can also be a more expensive product or something that will enhance the product. Amazon is an excellent example of a site that uses cross sells to excellent effect because they show you recommended products to go with whatever you are buying, and they’re not waiting until you’re ready to check out to do it.

Once you integrate these offers into your business, you’re all set. Do the work once, and get paid over and over.

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