Make Money Online for Free: Giveaways

Make Money Online for Free: Giveaways

Although free giveaways are somewhat limited because they work best in internet marketing, they are still a viable way to make money online. The reason is that not only can you build a list and market to your visitors over and over, but you can earn commissions by referring visitors to these sites. If they buy anything, or join as a contributor and upgrade, then you earn a commission.

Now before you can use free giveaways to build your lists and make money, there are two things you need to do: first, you want to find giveaways you can sign up for. Do a search in the search engines or ask another marketer where to go. You’ll find lots of these events online, and you’ll want to sign up for as many of them as possible.

One consideration you want to make is to decide whether or not you want to upgrade. Upgrading will allow you to promote more offers, as well as offer something for sale. Which ones you choose to upgrade for will be determined by your marketing budget. It’s a good idea to upgrade in one or two and then see how well your offer does.

Next, you want to create an offer. This has to be a free offer. It will include a lead capture page, a download page, and your giveaway, whether it’s a free ebook, software, or whatever you want to create. Whatever you give away, it must be relevant to the giveaway.

Although most giveaways are within the internet marketing niche, you will also find them within the health and fitness industry, and also personal development and self help.

There are also giveaways for different types of content. These include audio and video, private label rights, and software.

After you sign up for your giveaways, and you’ve created an offer, then your next step is to add your offers and get them approved. To do this as quickly as possible, create a text file with all of your information in it so you can copy and paste this information into the forms. Don’t forget to create a graphic as this will improve your conversions on your offer.

When you have finished adding your offer to all of the giveaways you have signed up for, then you promote the giveaways. There are lots of ways to do this, including writing articles, creating a blog, and sending a mailing to your list. If you want to build a bigger list and get more traffic and sales, giveaways are a great way to do it.

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