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    Make money with your camera. Sounds good, but how easy is it. Very easy if you only want to make a couple bucks a month. A little harder if you want to make a living doing it. First of all, you don't have to be a great photographer, you just need to enjoy
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    . Most digital photo buffs have thought about turning their hobby into a side business but building a successful business takes more than passion and photographic skill. Erin Manning knows how and she shares her expertise in this Wiley Publishing Make Money with your Digital Photography . Manning host of the DIY Network's The Whole Picture shows you how to identify and act on opportunities make a business plan and manage your business from day to day. Make Money with Your Digital Photography is also full of tips to help you improve your product. If you've considered turning your digital photography hobby into a money-making venture Make Money with Your Digital Photography shows you how to get there. Features: Shows how to find opportunities to get paid for your photography and how to follow up on them Helps photographers identify and prepare for pitfalls and problems they may confront Packed with advice from the author's own experience in starting and building her own photography business Explores popular genres including wedding photography shooting children's sports and taking family portraits Includes tips and tricks for improving your photos Written by a successful photographer and host of DIY Network's The Whole Picture
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