Your Internet Marketing Plan: Top 12 Best Places to Market Your Business Online Now

Your Internet Marketing Plan: Top 12 Best Places to Market Your Business Online Now

You can have the best product on the internet. It really doesn’t matter. Without traffic, you won’t make any sales. Your potential customers aren’t interested in how great your products are either. They want to know how your product or service will solve their problems.

Top 7 Traffic TipsIt’s not enough to know how to market online either. It’s important to know where to market so that you drive the most traffic with the least amount of effort. It will also help you find the right audience for your offers so you make sales.

Below are 12 places where you can promote your business for free. These are some of the most effective places to market your business online.

(I didn’t include on this list because they don’t allow affiliate links. It’s very difficult not to go against their terms of service. If you market affiliate programs, it’s better if you get your own self hosted WordPress blog. Then you can write and post whatever content you want, and your links won’t be a problem.)

The Top Sites to Use to Build Your Internet Marketing Plan

1. Google – According to Alexa, Google is the most popular website on the internet. With good reason. It offers business owners a wide variety of ways to market their businesses online. This includes both free and paid search engine marketing as well as social media marketing with Google+. You can create business pages, a business profile, build a following and create a complete online business presence by combining Google with other Google properties like YouTube and Blogger.

2. Facebook – Facebook is the top social media site in the world with the most members. It offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience. At the same time, because there are so many members, it can be difficult to hone in on your audience. So you want to use the ad tools as well as the search tools on the site to help you find your audience. You can create groups and pages too in order to help you market your business, and you can build groups and pages around your hobbies and your business. Features on pages like Notes and Videos helps you to share your content and get it seen.

3. YouTube – YouTube is a Google property, and so when you use YouTube to market your videos, Google will give you a certain amount of love for using the site. It’s also the most popular video site online, and so you can get a lot of traffic to your videos. Video is a popular form of content online, so creating videos can go a long way towards helping you market your business in an effective way. You can create product tutorials, reviews and other content to help you help your customers.

4. Twitter – Twitter is the top microblogging site online. It allows you to share up to 140 characters per message. You can build a following as well as follow other users on the website. Like the other sites listed here, it’s a general site, so it’s necessary to use the search function to help you find users who are interested in the same topics you are. Twitter is very interactive, and so it’s important to interact with those you connect with.

5. Amazon – As I write this, Amazon is one of the 10 most popular websites online. What makes it such a great site to market on is that not only can you market on this site, largely for free, but you can also create books using sites like CreateSpace and automatically have them added to the Amazon catalog. You can also use Amazon to add and sell all kinds of other products too through Amazon Vendor. Conversions for sales are higher on sites like Amazon because those who go to sites like Amazon are looking to buy.

6. Linkedin – If you sell products and services to businesses, then Linkedin is the best choice for your internet marketing efforts and needs to be the cornerstone of your internet marketing plan. This is the largest and most used social media marketing platform for business and will allow you to connect with your business customers.

7. Instagram – Instagram is an images site that was purchased by Facebook. It allows you to connect with different groups of people with all types of different interests. You can search out those who share your interests, and since it’s connected to Facebook, all your friends on Facebook who have an Instagram account will show up as part of your Instagram and make it easy for you to connect and share your images.

8. Ebay – Ebay started off as a message board for trading PEZ dispensers. Now it’s the largest auction site in the world, bringing in billions of dollars for those who use the site to sell. Users have the option of creating stores, and they also have the option of getting a certain number of free listings each month (it used to be 50). You can use these free listings to help you sell your physical products and services.

9. Bing – If you plan to do search engine marketing, whether free or paid, there are only two search engines that it’s necessary to focus on: Google and Bing. Google is the largest search engine in the world and gets about 80 percent of the traffic. Bing is number two, is owned by Microsoft, and it’s a great place to get really targeted traffic if you want to go with a smaller search engine. It’s also less competitive, and it currently drives the searches for Yahoo.

10. Tumblr – Tumblr is a blogging platform that is really responsive. If you enjoy writing and socializing, you’ll find the Tumblr platform to be a really simple way to market your business and build a blog. Just make sure you follow the terms of service. Although this site isn’t as picky as, it’s still easy to go afoul of this site when you’re marketing. Provide good content, and images and videos on the site, the stuff that others want to share, and you can build a following while sharing content.

11. Blogger/Blogspot – Blogger used to be the number one free blogging platform online, and with good reason: it’s another property that is owned by Google. It’s still a good place to share content, and you can easily share your videos from your YouTube account here. Write a good description, and you can increase the traffic to your primary website as well as use Blogger to get traffic. It’s also a great place to build a blog, and you can connect your Adsense account for additional revenue.

12. Pinterest – This site is similar to Instagram, but it’s also far more because it’s a pinboard, and it allows you to share all kinds of content including articles, videos, blog posts, documents and images. The key to getting more from this website is to share great content and keep the audience in mind. 80 percent of users are women, and so it’s a great place to post products to sell like home decor, health and fitness and fashion.

Top Tips for Building a Solid Internet Marketing Plan from these Websites

There are a lot of things you can do to help you automate and get more traffic from these websites. The key is to create a balance between your readers and building your search engine optimization campaigns. Both will help you get more traffic, but you also want to keep both in mind when creating your internet marketing campaigns.Top 7 Traffic Tips

  1. Make sure that you create a complete profile on each site. This tip may seem obvious, but one of the things I’ve noticed about the different communities I deal with, especially veterans, is that they tend to hide behind their profiles. This is bad. Credibility is everything online. If you plan to create credibility for your business, then it’s necessary to be open about you and your business. Include links to your websites, include a good picture so others know what you look like. Be clear in your offers. (For a clearer explanation of how to set up your profiles, follow the links to each of the sites. I’ve shared my social media profiles, and you can see how to set them up.
  2. Have an offer, an audience and an internet marketing technique in mind. You want to know who your market is. It doesn’t do any good to throw your offer out there. You can’t be all things to all people when creating your offers. You want to market to those who are interested in what you have to sell.
  3. Build a solid platform for both your business and your marketing. You don’t need a lot. There are tons of free tools you can use that are effective. If you want to be taken seriously though, consider investing in a domain name and hosting. A domain name is your address, like Hosting is where your site will live. There are other tools you can use that will help you build a business like autoresponders and other marketing tools. An autoresponder will allow you to build email marketing campaigns. Email marketing allows you to automate many marketing tasks.They also allow you to recycle your traffic because only about two percent of your visitors will return to your site.

Free Tools to Help You with Your Internet Marketing Plan

There are a lot of free tools you can use to help you automate your marketing. Sadly, many online business owners end up trading time for dollars because they don’t take advantage of outsourcing and automation.

You don’t want to do that. Time is money, and your goal is to work less and earn more and create real financial freedom.

  1. Hootsuite – This site offers both a free and paid social media marketing suite for your business. You can automate many of your marketing tasks to sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Then you can upload your content to post when you need it to, not when you’re available.
  2. Social Monkee – Backlinks are an important part of any internet marketing plan. The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher it will rank in sites like Google and Bing. You can get a free account and build 100 backlinks naturally for each link you submit, and you can submit up to three links per day.
  3. List Wire – Listwire is a free autoresponder created by internet marketing legend Gary Ambrose. One account allows you to create 12 different autoresponders. It’s a fully featured system that also includes a marketing system that allows you to promote your lists, and it has tons of great features for you to use.

There are many internet marketing tools available to help you market online. These sites and tools will help you build effective internet marketing plans that can be executed in just a couple of hours a day and drive the traffic to your site so you make sales.

If you want to get tons of free traffic to your website using the best free internet marketing techniques, then you’ll want to read my free report: Top 7 Traffic Tips. I’ll show you the most effective ways to market your business for free, make more sales and get unlimited traffic for free. Get your free copy today:

Top 7 Traffic Tips

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