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Teleseminars are a great way to market your business, especially if you use a service that will also help you with your marketing. Creating teleseminars allows you to connect with your market, establish credibility with readers and customers, and add value to your products and services.

If you really want to get the most from this internet marketing technique though, a certain amount of preparation is in order. You will actually want to map out your marketing plan first. Then you’ll want to decide what your content you will be offering. After that, it’s a matter of implementing the strategies you have outlined and launch your event.

As I mentioned before, you want to plan out your marketing. Writing a press release and submitting it for publication is one of the best ways to get started. You will want to give yourself a little time here. Get this done first, and get it submitted. I would actually start this process about two weeks out, and send visitors to a subscription page so that they can sign up so that once you announce your event, and you’re ready to present it, you’ll already know if there’s really any interest.

Articles are a good way to get long term traffic. Send them to the same page you created for your press release. Use it to build a list, and you can even offer a replay of your teleseminar as a bonus. This will allow you to get additional traffic from your event, and so you will create an additional marketing machine that is working for you 24/7.

Share on the social network sites. This allows you to generate additional buzz and get others visiting your page. The important thing here is to market on these sites more than one time. Don’t just post your offer and forget about it. Do multiple postings and explain why you are doing it.

Next, you want to plan the content of your teleseminar. You should have already had an idea when you created your press release. If not, then decide what you want your topic to be, then plan your press release, as well as the content of your teleseminar.

Create a short workbook or something else that attendees can download. Make it something they can print out and write notes on. Make sure you include all the information on your offer, as well as your website, where they can get more information, sign up for your list, etc.

Go back over all your materials and make sure that you have everything you need. There are tons of services where you may set up your event, so get everything set up and start promoting again so you fill those seats.

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Jinger Jarrett

Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer who teaches small businesses how to get started online and then market their businesses for free. She is also a US Army Veteran and seeks to connect with other veterans who are interested in starting a business or are currently business owners and want to connect.