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Press releases are one of the simplest ways to market your business online for free. There are many reasons, but the most important one is that you can bypass the media and connect directly with your readers and customers. That doesn’t, however, mean you should neglect the media. The media will get your news into places you cannot reach, so you want to make sure that you treat the media with respect and make every effort to connect with them.

The first step you want to take here is to determine the news in your business. Make sure that whatever you want to produce a news release about is actually news. News can be events, new product releases, etc. Just make sure that whatever you are writing about, or having a news release produced for your business, that you are focusing on what is actually news. Your readers will ask, “What’s in it for me?”. They really don’t care about what you care about. If you want to connect with your readers, then you want to make sure that the news you are delivering is news they are interested in, and there is a benefit they see for themselves.

When you finally sit down to write, make sure you optimize it for the search engines. You press release will do much better and get you a lot more traffic if you consider the search engines when writing. Remember though, it is more important for you to write for your readers. Search engines don’t buy products. They get you traffic, so focus on your potential customers first.

Try to syndicate your press release as much as possible. You may actually do better if you sign up for only a few sites and then pay to have your release sent out. Paid packages will help you. If you can’t afford that though, just write several versions of your press release and submit them to as many sites as possible. Different versions will prevent you from being accused of being a spammer.

Write press releases regularly and post them to the respective sites. Releasing news regularly is one way to keep in touch with your market. The more releases you have circulating, the more it will help you because these are little standalone marketing machines that will keep marketing for you all the time. (This is similar to article writing, video marketing and blogging, so you want to do it on a regular basis for this reason too.)

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