Market Your Business for Free: Memberships

Market Your Business for Free: Affiliate Program Management

Some may not consider memberships as a way to market your business. However, there are actually several different ways that you can use to market your business with memberships.

First, you can use a membership as a bonus for buying your products. This will allow you to build a list with it and offer additional value to whatever you are promoting. This is particularly useful if you are marketing affiliate programs. This is because it’s important to make sure you make yourself different from everyone else who is marketing the same programs you are. A membership is a wonderful way to build additional value into your offer.

You can also promote it as a free membership and use it as a way to build your list. Once you have built a list of members, then you can market to that list on a regular basis. The value is that you have a list of members that is targeted and interested in what you are offering.

Don’t underestimate the value of lists. Lists allow you to recycle your traffic. Building a relationship with those on your list allows you to increase your conversions because most people won’t buy from those they don’t know unless they really really want the product badly. Build a relationship with your list, and you’ll make more sales.

Now, the other side of the coin are membership sites where you may market your business. These are the types of sites we want to concentrate on. If you have a free membership site you are marketing, as I do, then that’s great because it gives you an incentive you may use to get your visitors to visit your website or business.

Some examples of memberships that allow you to market your business are social sites like LinkedIn. There are other sites like traffic exchanges, safelist sites, and others where you may join to market your business.

In order to get the most from these sites, here’s what to do:

1. Decide how you want to market your business first. If you want to use forums, or in the case of a site like LinkedIn where you join groups, then you want to look for memberships that offer you that way to market.

2. Determine whether you need to spend any money on your marketing memberships. Sites like LinkedIn offer upgrades, and so you can use these to help you get ahead faster. If you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it. Most will have a way for you to market for free when you’re first starting off. Market for free until you get to a place where you can upgrade and then upgrade to speed up your results.

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