Market Your Business for Free: Joint Ventures

Market Your Business for Free: Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are one of the fastest ways to profit on the internet once you get everything in place. It is as simple as sending out an email to your joint venture partners and then sending out emails to your list when the time is right.

However, in order to create an effective joint venture that will make you money, you need to make sure that you do a certain amount of preparation. It is important to get this part right. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up doing all your marketing yourself and you’ll alienate potential joint venture partners.

Now, before you start contacting anyone, you want to make a plan. In this plan you will want to your marketing plans, affiliate program, and emails you will send to potential joint venture partners and your list. These emails are especially important because you want to your joint venture partners to accept your offer.

When writing your email, you can create a basic template. This will include everything that you want to tell your potential partners. This includes your offer to them. What will you offer them to make them join you? You want to show them the benefits of doing business with you. You want to offer incentives.

Incentives includes higher commissions than you pay your affiliates, as well as bonuses for them to give their buyers for buying from them. Make sure your commissions are high enough that they’re worth it for your partners to participate. The higher the commissions the better. If you’re selling a membership, then recurring commissions can be an incentive, as well as generous commissions on your upsells.

You will also want to offer pre written sales materials. Make sure they are professionally written and will get high conversions. Consider hiring a copywriter with a proven track record to create these materials for you. Although it may cost you quite a bit, it’s worth it because you’ll get a higher return in sales, and you’ll easily make your money back.

Selecting partners is not so easy as developing your offer. Start with sites that allow you to create joint venture partnerships. Search for joint venture forums. These forums also have members who are looking for partners. Consider doing a few partnerships with others first before you ask others to participate in yours.

Use social sites to connect with others. Because these sites are searchable, it’s really not that hard to find people who fit your parameters for a partner. You can search by industry or keyword. This also works with the search engines because you can use them to help you find websites that may want to partner with you.

Once you have found your partners and set up your deal, then you’ll want to promote. Now that you have all these parts in place, you’ll be able to set up deals in days instead of weeks. This will allow you to make money quickly, and you’ll be able to print money on demand.

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