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Market Your Business for Free: Affiliate Program Management

A firesale is where you offer your products on sale for a limited amount of time. This can help you increase your revenues quickly by making a limited time offer. Since this is a more advanced technique in marketing, you will need a list because your customers and readers are most likely to be responsive to this type of offer.

You may also want to consider including joint venture partners in your offer as this can dramatically increase your sales. You will need to have an affiliate program. There are scripts available to use in order to work specifically with joint venture partners. Offer special incentives for getting everyone to participate.

The first thing you will need to do is to choose an offer. You’ll want to offer something that is low cost. A dimesale is a good choice here as dimesales will drive sales (A dimesale is where you offer a low price and it increases as people buy. The prices increases by a certain amount after a certain amount of time. So, if your initial price is $7, you could have the price increase to $7.05 after 10 sales.)

Make sure that the offer is unique. You may want to use a product that you currently sell and then offer additional bonuses. You can make additional bonuses or combine your product with another product on your site, a two for one deal. The key here is to offer a quality product at a low price and give customers great incentives for purchasing.

You may also want to consider offering an upsell as this can increase your sales. Offer it after your customers pay for their original purchase but before they go to the download page.

A good way to set up this offer is to offer a low cost product on the front end and then a membership on the backend. This will allow you to build up a recurring income stream. Keep the price of the upsell reasonable, and make sure that it’s something that complements your original offer. You will increase your conversions by doing this and make more sales.

There are scripts that are available to help you set up these types of offers. You can find them easily throughout the internet. This will make the job of creating these types of offers to be a lot easier. Use these offers to help you get some fast cash from your list, as well as provide your readers and customers something special for being a part of your list.

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