Market Your Business for Free: Affiliate Marketing

Market Your Business for Free: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is as much a money making technique as it is a marketing technique. The reason is that this isn’t just a way to promote products, it’s a way to market your business.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you market others’ products for a commission. This commission can be as little as four percent, in the case of a company like Amazon, or it can be as high as 100 percent. Generally when a company offers this much commission, it is offering a more expensive backend offer so that it makes money.

Top 7 Traffic TipsThere are different types of affiliate programs you can market to make money online. These include CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click), and pay per sale. How much you make from CPA always depends on the offer. You could make a small amount for collecting emails, or you could make a large commission for making a sale. Cost per click offers are usually offers like Google Adsense, where you get paid a specific amount whenever someone clicks. On a pay per sale, you get paid whenever someone buys.

There are also different ways to make money from your offers. You can choose to offer one time sales or memberships. With one time sales you can quickly earn cash by offering a low cost offer on the front end. With a membership, you continue to get paid over and over for the duration of time the person is a member of the site.

The key to making a lot of money from affiliate offers is to first set up a sales funnel and then make yourself different. Your sales funnel is similar to the type of sales funnel that a product owner would set up. First, you create a free offer on the front end. Offer a free product to get the subscriber’s email. This allows you to build a relationship with the visitors. Subscribers tend to buy from those they trust online, so if you have a relationship with the person, that person is more likely to buy from you.Top 7 Traffic Tips

To build a relationship, you offer solutions to your subscribers. Send them valuable offers, as well as articles and other free stuff to show them you are interested in helping them. Mix up your offers with content. Give before you get and let your subscribers know that you consider them to be important because they are. Without them, you can’t make any money. It’s costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to market to your current customers so make sure you treat them right.

You may also want to consider creating special offers and offering bonuses to your subscribers. This works particularly well during a launch of a new product, and it’s a great way to make yourself different.

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