The Healing Codes: A FAQ

The Healing Codes: A FAQ

The Healing Codes is a form of energy medicine system developed by Dr. Alex Loyd and based on energy medicine and sound science. You can find information on the scientific studies Dr. Loyd bases this healing modality on in his book.

How can The Healing Codes help me get what I really want out of life?

The real problem here is that most people think that what they really want out of life is more money or to just be happy or whatever the external circumstance is. In order to be happy, we have to work from the inside, not the outside. When we’re happy, we make better decisions. When we live in a state of truth and love instead of fear, we don’t have all those burdens that we once had.

Although we may need more money, or better health, or better relationships, what we are really seeking here is a feeling. We want to feel happy, loved, joyful and peaceful. Living a satisfying life is important, and we can find satisfaction in life now.

The key is to clear out all those negative feelings, emotions and fear based memories that we have. All of us have fear based memories. When we heal those fear based memories we clear out the false beliefs that are attached to them. We either live in love or fear. When we live in love instead of fear, it’s easier to act in a way that’s in our best interests and act in a way that represents our best self.

I don’t have mental issues. I have physical issues. (Could be cancer, brain problems, or any other disease.) I don’t see how The Healing Codes could help me. Why would you suggest I do The Healing Codes when I have physical problems?

The Healing CodesFirst of all, I have yet to meet anyone who had any type of physical problems that 1) didn’t have a bad belief system, 2) didn’t have some level of mental issues. That’s been my experience, and my experience is extensive since I’m a veteran.

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to spot these things. In fact, it’s been estimated that about 80 percent of those in the mental health field, and many other helping professions, are there to solve their own issues.

Medication among psychiatrists and mental health professionals is rampant. Why would you take advice on mental health from someone who is sick? They can’t tell you how to get well.

To answer to your question. The Healing Codes changes the frequency of your energy because your body is made of energy. It shifts it from a negative to a positive. Only negative energy can cause disease.

Positive energy is healing energy. When you shift from the negative to the positive, many of your problems with go away. You will just feel better. When you feel better, you will act in a way that’s in your own best interests. You’ll also avoid many of the problems that others have, like addiction, because you won’t feel a need for a love substitute, which is what an addiction is.

My issue is genetic. I was born this way. How can the Healing Codes help me?

One of the most recent scientific studies I read on DNA is that DNA can be rewritten. It can be rewritten. Remember, the human body is made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. So based on the latest studies on DNA, the DNA can be changed.

This isn’t good for the drug companies or the medical profession because this means that diseases can  be healed for good. It means a loss in profits for them.

The medical profession has lost sight of the principle that the purpose of medicine is healing, not profits or working out your issues at the expense of others. Everything is about maintaining now even though there is ample evidence that disease can be healed.

One of the most startling examples of this is diabetes. In a recent study that was released, it showed that weight loss is a key factor in healing diabetes for good. Diet and exercise are both key elements in healing the body and promoting good health. Food contains the necessary elements for good health. Exercise helps to reduce or eliminate stress.

I highly suggest that if you are interested in the issue of DNA and disease and healing it, research the latest studies and read them. Do your due diligence here because your health is at stake. I have nothing to gain when telling you about this. If you do decide to buy a copy of The Healing Codes, I earn a small commission, hardly anything that will make me get rich at your expense.

I have a family history for cancer, heart disease, etc. How can The Healing Codes help me?

It’s really the same as with genetic illnesses. There’s a component here that is also present in genetic illnesses, and that’s self fulfilling prophecy. I believe that self fulfilling prophecy plays a major part in the diseases that people get. If you believe that you are susceptible to a particular illness because of family history, I can pretty much guarantee you will get it.Beyond Willpower

We live in one of two states: we either live in fear or we live in love. Those who use family history to determine their destiny, or the diseases they may have, are working from a state of fear, not a state of love. This causes a lot of stress on the body because it’s negative.

In the Healing Codes Book, Dr. Ben Johnson, a leading cancer specialist in the US and the only medical doctor to be featured in the movie The Secret, said he never met a cancer patient who didn’t have unforgiveness issues. For me this was a stunning revelation.

When I first started doing the Codes, I had a -7 on a scale of -10 to +10. When I healed all those unforgiveness issues, I felt so much better, and I felt whole finally.

One of the most important things you learn using the Codes is that the emotions and body systems are connected. There are actually three general codes and nine emotion codes within the system. (You can take the test at Dr. Loyd’s site to determine which emotions and issues you are having trouble with.)

Treating the body without treating the mind is only half the equation. It’s necessary to treat the entire body, and that includes treating the mind. When you heal the mind, it becomes so much easier for the body to heal itself You eliminate the stress from the body, and it frees the body’s energy to focus on healing.

It takes time. The Healing Codes is not an end all and be all system. In order to make it work, it’s necessary to take action, stay focused and be consistent in using the system. Based on my experience though, I can tell you that if you follow the system, it will heal you.

The Love Code: The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and HappinessUnderstand that I am not a doctor. I became involved in alternative medicine about 15 years ago. I received a diagnosis of bipolar, and I thought the doctors were wrong. It wasn’t until I went to the VA in 2014 that I got the correct diagnosis, and I was able to get better. I was fortunate that I had a psychologist and caseworker who understood what I was going through and showed me how to work through my issues and actually heal them.

Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson are both doctors. Dr. Johnson received a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), a disease considered incurable. He healed himself using the Codes.

Although I did The Healing Codes on my own, I thought it was the best course of action for me to get well. I stuck with it. It wasn’t easy. I’ve never had the support of the veterans’ community for what I was doing. Other veterans wrote me off as crazy and told me what I was doing wouldn’t work. They made fun of me for using quantum physics as a basis for my healing. How can you know if something will work or not if you’ve never tried it?

I also kept a journal. It helped writing about my experiences because it allowed me to look at my life and the mistakes I made that had caused me so much pain. More importantly I wrote about the feelings and emotions that were behind it. I use my journal to process the feelings and emotions I’m struggling with. Processing those emotions is crucial because it keeps me from spewing them all over others. It also allows me to process my emotions in a healthy way, and because of it, I feel so much better about myself. I don’t always get it right, but it definitely helps.

I’m sharing my experience with you because I see so many people suffering. If you heal the mind, the body will follow. I say that from experience too because I have seen so many of my physical issues heal, including my allergies.

Also, negative energy only attracts negative energy. If you want to stop attracting into your life the things you don’t want, then shift your energy. Positive things happen to positive people. Negativity only attracts more negativity and more problems.

I’ve tried other healing modalities, and although I had some relief, I didn’t get well. What makes The Healing Codes different?

The Healing Codes actually heal the stress. Modalities like meditation can help you heal too, but they don’t heal at the cellular level. They also take longer. With The Healing Codes it’s actually possible to experience relief immediately.

Each person is different, and since The Healing Codes heals the root causes of what is behind a person’s issues instead of treating the symptoms the way most medicine does, how long it takes for a person to heal really depends on the number of issues the person has. It has taken me longer to heal because of my activities in helping others.

The most important tip I can give here is to eliminate the toxic negative people in your life as quickly as possible. Otherwise you are fighting against their negative energy while you are trying to change yours. Keep the focus on yourself and focus on the emotions and feelings behind the events and heal those.

You can get a free account at Dr. Loyd’s site and explore this healing modality. If you’re like I am, doctors drive you crazy with their inferior, expensive solutions that don’t work. You can sign up here:

The Healing Codes System

You can read Dr. Loyd’s books here:

The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue

The Love Code: The Secret Principle to Achieving Success in Life, Love, and Happiness

(Please note the the book The Love Code replaced by Beyond Willpower).

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