Healing Codes Energy Medicine System

The Healing Codes is an energy medicine system developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. This system will allow you to heal every issue in your life whether it’s related to health, wealth or relationships. If you want to find your best self and live the life you’ve always wanted, this system is essential. It will help you heal every area of your life and get rid of anything that is holding you back from having the life you’ve always wanted.

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The Healing Codes is an energy medicine system developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. Dr. Loyd originally developed this system to help his wife recover from severe depression. Although I am not exactly sure how it works, I know that it does.

I used this system to heal from severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress. It doesn’t just help with mental stress though. It will help you heal every problem that is affecting your life whether it’s physical or mental, and that includes everything from money struggles to health problems. Dr. Ben Johnson, who was the only medical doctor featured in The Secret, and a leading cancer specialist in the United States, used the Healing Codes to heal his ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

According to Dr. Loyd, in his book The Healing Codes, 95 percent of illness is rooted in stress. There is a direct correlation between our mental states and physical states. Illness is the body’s way of telling us that there’s a problem with our mental health.

One of the diseases that is prominently featured in the book is cancer. Dr. Loyd lists the six causes of cancer, and one of those causes is mental or emotional issues. The Healing Codes can be used to heal all the underlying root causes of an illness to help the person achieve complete healing. Once the mental stress has been cleared, the body is largely self healing and can heal itself. Multiple studies produced by both Harvard and Stanford prove this, and Dr. Loyd explains all of these studies in the material.

Understand that this is based on my experience. There are also thousands of testimonials on Dr. Loyd’s site by those who have tried the system.

When I started The Healing Codes I had severe allergies. My skin itched so bad that I would scratch it raw, something that Dr. Loyd said that his wife did (she actually scratched her skin until it bled). Since using The Healing Codes my allergies and all irritations are completely gone. I no longer struggle with the itchiness and irritation brought on by allergies, and I feel amazing.

Other issues I have received relief with are: my gray hair is gone, I have lost weight effortlessly, and many of the anger and resentment issues I had before are completely gone. I also have perfect health now, and as I write this, I am 53 years old. It’s almost unheard of for people my age not to have to take drugs for their health issues. I take no medicine at all anymore, not even aspirin.

If you have tried everything else in your efforts to get well and nothing has worked, I highly recommend this system. It will help you get rid of any mental stress that may be causing you problems and help you uncover your best self. When you do that, you will find peace, joy, love and happiness.

This is the path to having everything you want in life whether it’s better health, relationships and more money. You’ll also find that your self esteem and self confidence heals, and you’ll feel a peace and happiness you didn’t know was possible.

Not only that, you will see real relief in your any sickness you may have. I had a lot of physical pain as part of my depression, and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed because of it. All that is gone. Now I have the energy of a kid. The bottom line here, as I mentioned before, is that when you heal the mental issues, the physical issues will go away.

I highly recommend this system for anyone who is unhappy with his/her life, who is suffering from any illness or disease, and anyone who is in either physical or mental pain. Whether you want to lose weight, heal a mental or emotional issue or get rid of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making more money, finding happiness or having the life you want, this system will help you achieve it. It gets my highest recommendation.

You can sign up for a free account on Dr. Loyd’s site and take the tests. These will tell you what your issues are and what you need to heal. When you heal those things that are causing you pain or causing you problems, you will discover how to have all the things you want in life, and you will effortlessly achieve whatever you desire.


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