Top 7 Workout Tips for Women over 40 to Burn Fat, Get Fit and Have the Best Body of Your Life

6 Minutes to Skinny

The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. Although hormones are a cause, a lot of the problem really has to do with poor habits that we as women have accumulated over the years. So if you want to get fit, meet your weight loss goals, and feel better than you have in years, then here are seven easy tips you can use to help you have the best body of your life and look and feel your best.

1. It’s not what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you.

The Healing CodesMany women struggle with weight loss issues and think that it’s what they’re eating. They’re eating too much, they’re not eating enough, or they’re eating the wrong things. The truth is that many women struggle with weight loss because of self-esteem issues. They have bad body confidence, and they think that if they just lose the weight, they’ll feel better about themselves. The problem really goes back to childhood and how we are taught to see our bodies. Sexual and physical abuse contribute to the problem too, and fat is our way of keeping men away.

Nothing could be further from the truth. How we feel on the inside is really what reflects on the outside. If you want to lose weight and look your best, the first step is to deal with the self-doubt and learn self-acceptance and self-love. This means healing all those nasty self-esteem issues that plague you. There’s an easy way to do that too. The Healing Codes will help you get rid of your love substitutes, like food and any other addictions you may have, and learn to love yourself. When you learn to love yourself, weight loss is easy.

2. Work out smarter, not harder.

Do you have hours to spend in the gym? I don’t. In fact, I’m easily bored with long workouts, and they’re hard to stick to. I don’t have an hour a day to run or lift weights. In fact, spending that much time working out really isn’t that healthy anyway, and it won’t get you the results you want. If you want to lose weight effortlessly, then here’s one secret you need to know.

The secret is to use HIIT training. HIIT training is where you work out harder for a shorter time. You build muscle while burning fat. One of the best workouts for this is 6 Minutes to Skinny. It’s a simple program you can follow that only takes six minutes a day, and it will raise your metabolism so that you burn more fat and get fit faster. You’ll also get slimmer faster. Look for workouts that make it easier for you to lose weight by turbocharging your metabolism. Yoga is also a good choice.6 Minutes to Skinny

3. Eat superfoods to turbocharge your metabolism.

Losing weight is really about 80 percent food and 20 percent exercise. Although building more muscle will definitely help you because a pound of muscle burns more fat than a pound of fat does, eating the right things is the key to raising your metabolism. Foods like cinnamon, cumin, and other spices are an easy way to raise your metabolism, and you can add these to your food. Drinking 3 cups of green tea a day without making any other changes in your diet helped burn about 25 pounds off in a year.

4. Eat plenty of fiber.

Most people don’t get enough fiber, and so they’re constipated, and they eat too much of the wrong things. Beans, vegetables, and fruits are all great sources of fiber, and they can help you feel fuller longer. The easiest way to add fiber to your diet is to eat beans. A cup of beans can give you a full day’s supply of fiber, and you can add them to soups or as part of your meal. If you want to avoid having gas afterward, then simply soak your beans, dump the water, rinse the beans and add fresh water to the pot before cooking.

5. Eat plenty of protein and healthy fats.

Fat-free and sugar-free foods are some of the worst things you can eat. The reason is that sugar is often added to make up for the lack of fat, or manufacturers use artificial sweeteners. Since the number of calories in the food is often the same, use the full-fat versions to avoid the extra sugar, which is really worse for you.

Eating lots of protein will help with cravings. It will also help you burn fat. Add healthy oils, like coconut oil, and you will feel fuller longer. Coconut oil has the added benefit of helping you burn fat too, and it has lots of healthy nutrients. It’s also great for your skin, and you can even use it on your skin to make it look healthier. Grill instead of fry, and if you’re a vegetarian, nuts and beans are good sources of protein.

6. Drink plenty of water.

Water boosts metabolism. It also helps with digestion, and it helps you avoid fatigue and headaches. If you don’t like plain water, add fresh lemon or orange juice squeezed from the fruit. You get extra vitamin C, which will improve your health, and the water tastes good too. Lemon juice is also helpful for eliminating toxins from the body, especially your liver. Another great way to use water to help you is to drink a cup of hot water first thing in the morning. It stimulates your system and improves digestion, and it helps you burn up to 24 percent more calories. I add cinnamon to my water because it helps with cravings.

7. Get adequate rest and reduce stress.

Brain Ev Brain Entrainment SystemAccording to Dr. Alex Loyd, in the Healing Codes, 95 percent of the underlying cause of any disease is stress. When you deal with your stress, not only will you sleep better, your whole life will be better. Lack of sleep is also related to difficulty with weight loss. Those who sleep less than six hours per night tend to have weight problems. So make sure you get adequate sleep. Although I have found that the Healing Codes have been very helpful here because it has cleared out all that emotional junk I had, another resource I used to deal with stress is Brain Evolution. All I had to do was listen to it for 30 minutes a day, and I felt very calm and relaxed, I slept better, and I also didn’t need as much sleep.

Eating metabolism boosting foods and exercise are important keys to achieving your weight loss goals. The real secret to successful weight loss and having your best body ever is to change your inner world and then your outer world will change effortlessly.

Jinger Jarrett

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