Healing From PTSD and Depression: The 10 Most Important Things I Learned From the Healing Codes

Healing From PTSD and Depression: The 10 Most Important Things I Learned From the Healing Codes

Depression is really like prison. You’re trapped in a place you can’t get out of. Everyone tells you to just get over it. You can’t get over it. You’re trapped, and you’re trapped in a place you don’t want to be, but you’re just stuck, and you will stay stuck until you figure a way out, and more importantly you want out.

Those who are sick with a physical illness are the worst too when it comes to how they treat you. They look at you with smug moral superiority. After all, they have a “real” illness. What they don’t understand is that their sickness is really nothing more than their bodies manifesting what is going on in their minds.

Because of their own unique body chemistries, their bodies are manifesting how the mind feels. Worse, not only do they have a physical illness, they’re suffering mentally too because I’ve never met a sick person who had great mental health.

For those of us who suffer from depression, it’s a never ending stigma. Because others can’t see what’s wrong with us, they assume we’re making it up. We’re not making it up. All those unresolved feelings and emotions continue to plague us, and until they heal, it’s like live nerve endings that are constantly being touched, and when they’re touched, they cause us tremendous pain.

The Healing CodesThey are triggers, buttons to be pushed, whatever you want to call them. In any event, they hurt, and they will continue to hurt and be very raw until we decide to heal them. Healing is the only answer because once you heal a trigger, it’s healed. Others can’t push that trigger anymore to get you to react in a certain way. It really is liberating. It’s liberating to be able to choose how we respond to the people, events and things that happen in our lives.

One of the things I learned from studying The Healing Codes is that the emotions and the body are tied to each other. Certain emotions are tied to certain body parts or systems, and in some cases, these emotions are tied to certain mental aspects of who we are. Since I suffered from depression, the emotions of love and joy were definitely a problem. Since I was the adult child of an alcoholic, patience was also a problem because it was tied to issues like anger, frustration and impatience.

The most important thing about Post Traumatic Stress/depression that those who have it need to understand, and if you love someone who has it, is that it is not a mental illness. It is the result of trauma, and when you don’t resolve the trauma in a healthy way, then it becomes a deep seated form of depression that is hard to resolve because it’s based on a faulty belief system, and that belief system is rooted in a lie. The longer we go without any treatment, the longer it will take to get well when we finally do decide we want to heal.

The mental health profession makes it worse too. It is estimated that about 80 percent of those in the mental health professions are there to work out their own issues. Although I am sure these people are well meaning, the damage they do is horrendous because they are working out their issues at the expense of others. That’s just sad, and for people like me who end up with a wrong diagnosis, doped up on medication and getting counseling that is only reinforcing the trauma instead of healing it, we get stuck in a cycle of pain that can ultimately destroy our lives unless we can find a way out.

For me that way out was The Healing Codes. I’ve tried AA, ALANON, counseling, drugs, medications, disability and a whole host of other things to get well. Nothing worked. I’ve had a wrong diagnosis of bipolar, and the treatment for it only reinforced by depression because the treatment I received didn’t work at all, and it masked and underlying thyroid condition which often mimics depression.

I started doing The Healing Codes about three years ago. The Healing Codes is a form of energy medicine that will help you to change the energy frequency in your body. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. It’s not really solid, and neither are our bodies. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed. When our bodies and minds are sick, they vibrate at a low frequency that is negative.The Healing Codes

Honestly, when I first started using it I thought it was crazy. There was no way that this would work, and I didn’t care that multiple studies from Harvard and Stanford backed it up. Worse, when I started talking about it in the veterans’ community, many veterans thought I was crazy, and labeled me so. I heard plenty of the fake, fraud, poser and other insults that veterans hurl at one another when they don’t want to hear something new, something that actually might work for their problems.

It didn’t matter. I stuck with it. It was hard. There were days that I was so flooded with emotions and feelings from my past that I thought I would die. I kept going. I didn’t care. I had finally found something that brought me relief and made me feel so much better. It helped me to heal a lot of the problems I was having. As I got deeper into the process of healing, I learned it was less about what happened to me and how I had processed my traumas.

I hadn’t processed them at all. I had stuffed down all those poisonous feelings and emotions. They were still there waiting to be healed. As they healed, I felt better. It improved my health, but more importantly it improved my moods.

I didn’t feel so emotional, and when I did feel emotional, they weren’t so extreme. I was able to gain control over my emotions and choose how I responded to what was happening to me instead of reacting to what happened to me. This is important because it meant that I was able to choose how I felt about the events and people in my life, and most importantly, I could forgive.

This really is the most important part of healing. Forgiveness is tied to just about all illness. Unforgiveness can do more to hurt us than anything. When we choose not to forgive, then we hold onto things that poison us. It binds us to those who hurt us. Forgiveness isn’t about giving others a free pass for what they did. It’s about accepting that by holding onto what happened to us and the hurt and pain we feel, ultimately we are hurting ourselves more.

In order to heal fully, and live a great life, it is necessary to heal both the body and the mind. Then life becomes more effortless. It’s always easier to find happiness and do the things we want and have to do when we feel happy. Regardless of what you may have done in your life, you deserve happiness, and you deserve to heal.The Healing Codes can help you do that.

You can get a free account at their website: The Healing Codes.

Tips for Getting the Most from the Healing Codes

1. Keep a journal. This is the best way to process all the feelings and emotions you will have. It also keeps you from hurting other people especially when you are feeling bad or angry. Once something has been said, it can’t be taken back. Often those feelings won’t make sense anyway especially if you feel worse after coding. That’s just the healing response, and it’s perfectly normal.

2. Expect some ups and downs. There have been times when I would code and then just feel rage or some other angry emotion. The only thing that is happening is to allow it to come out in the a healthy way. Allow yourself to experience that emotion in a healthy way. Write about it in your journal, exercise or do whatever it takes to process that emotion. Just process it in a healthy way.

3. Don’t expect to be perfect. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you will get it wrong with others. You’ll want to beat yourself up. Don’t. That’s a huge problem right there because we’ve been beating ourselves up all our lives. I know my flaws. I don’t need others to point them out. The world would be a much better place if those who like to play the critic would spend more time focusing on their own quality of life instead of trying to tell the rest of us how to do it.

4. Eliminate all judgment from the process and from your life. Judgment holds you back. Period. I’m a huge critic of critics anyway because it’s just an excuse to not pay attention to your own life.

5. Code on whatever is bothering you no matter how silly you think it is. At the root of all of it is a feeling and/or emotion that needs to be healed.

6. Find a coach. A coach can help you clarify your experience. Just make sure your coach is compatible with you.

7. Have a plan for your life. You don’t have to plan out every moment of your life. Ask yourself what you want. What good is it to get well if you don’t have some kind of plan to fulfill your purpose and mission? Some are satisfied to wander through life with no particular destination. I have specific things I want that I don’t have, and it means making changes to have those things.

8. Live in the moment. This can be really hard. Most people live in the past. I always lived in the future. Neither is healthy. People who live in the past keep attracting the things they don’t want. People who live in the future think that if they just achieve _____________ then they will be OK. Neither works. Staying in the moment and getting well is the key to success because you learn to be happy in the now so that when you do achieve what you want you enjoy it.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others. The problem with comparison is that we’re all different biologically, mentally and psychologically. To compare ourselves to others is an exercise in pain. We will either end up thinking we are better than others or worse. We will never measure up. Each person heals differently and at a different rate when treating the root issues, so focus on yourself and don’t worry about the results of others.

10. Don’t have any expectations. Expectations are a happiness killer. Allow your healing to flow. This one was hard for me because I am very results driven. Just focus on the process. I got well because I learned to go with the flow. It took awhile, but never give up.

The Healing Codes

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