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There are about as many ways to make money online as there are people. Although it’s important to look for niches where there are buyers, it’s also important to look at your interests and how you want to make money. If you’re not a writer, writing online or creating a blog simply won’t work for you because you won’t stick with it. Look at your interests and passions, and this will help you find the business that is right for you.

If you want to start a simple business that will make you money and doesn’t require a lot of tools or know how, consider affiliate marketing. You can read my free guide, The Affiliate’s Guide to Instant Commissions to discover how to make money from affiliate programs that pay immediately.

For those who want to make money from tshirts, you can get my free guide Tshirt Profits Made Easy. It’s also free. You’ll also receive my free internet marketing newsletter where I show you the best ways to market onine and what’s working now.

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Best Marketing Articles

It doesn’t matter how good your website is, or how well you have written your marketing materials. if you don’t market your business online, and you don’t show your potential customers how you can solve their problems, you won’t make any sales.

These articles will show you the latest internet marketing techniques, and many of them are free. You can also get a copy of my Top 7 Traffic Tips and discover the best free internet marketing techniques to help you make more sales. It’s absolutely free! You’ll also receive my free internet marketing newsletter with even more tips to help you with your marketing.

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Wealth http://askjinger.com/articles/wealth/ Sun, 03 Jul 2016 01:45:35 +0000 http://askjinger.com/?page_id=3811 Wealth Articles

Wealth is about making money and achieving your financial goals. There are two things you will need to do here. First, you’ll want to build a business. I’ll show you some great money making ideas to help you get started. Second, you’ll want to market your business and drive traffic to it so you make sales.

To help you get started, I’ve written three free reports, and you’ll also receive my free internet marketing newsletter.

The Affiliate’s Guide to Instant Commissions will show you how to start a business online. It’s the easiest way to get started because you don’t need a list or a lot of tools. Instant commissions will help you start earning money quickly.

Top 7 Traffic Tips will show you the best free internet marketing techniques to help you market your business for free. When you know where and how to market, you can get a lot of traffic, and it’s free, targeted traffic.

Tshirt Profits Made Easy will show you how to make money selling tshirts online. It’s a lucrative and easy opportunity to get into, even for a beginner.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

It doesn't matter how good your website is, or how well you have written your marketing materials....
Make Money Online

Make Money Online

There are about as many ways to make money online as there are people. Although it's important to...

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Dating and relationships are particularly rough after a divorce, especially if you have children. There are a lot of things you can do that will make it easier. You’ll find my latest articles, as well as articles from other authors that will give you tips and strategies for getting the most from dating and relationships. You’ll also want to check my review pages to see what I recommend.

To get your free ebook to help you get started, here’s one for men: Secrets That Most Men Will Never Know About Women. You’ll also receive my free newsletter to help you get great dates and build great relationships. You’ll also find the kind of women you’re looking for.

This free report is for women. Whether you’re already in a relationship, met a new man or are looking for one, How to Get a Man to Love You – The Incredible 7 Step Guide!  You’ll also receive my free newsletter to help you attract and keep a great man.

Dating and Relationship Articles

From Finding Great Dates to Meeting the Love of Your Life

If you haven't read my article on health, I highly recommend you read it. Before you can start thinking...

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Read my latest articles on health and fitness. I’ll also bring you the best articles from other sites to show you how to get fit, lose fat, and feel better fast. If you want to subscribe to my list, then click here: Lose Fat Fast! You’ll get a copy of my free report, as well as my newsletter, absolutely free!

How to Create the Body You Want and Have Amazing Health No Matter Your Age

How to Create the Body You Want and Have Amazing Health No Matter Your Age

As someone who has suffered from depression and Post Traumatic Stress most of my life, I know what...

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I’ve written for a wide variety of companies over the years. Some of my writing was for money while some of it was for promotion. Read my latest articles on health, wealth, relationships, travel as well as get my latest three features, “Letters to My Daughters,” “Conversations with a Coach” and “Stories from my Life.” You’ll find valuable tips to help you get a better body, have fabulous relationships and make more money. I’ll also share my best resources with you.

Articles by Category

Dating and Relationships

Dating and Relationships

Dating and relationships are particularly rough after a divorce, especially if you have children. There...
Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Read my latest articles on health and fitness. I'll also bring you the best articles from other sites...


Wealth is about making money and achieving your financial goals. There are two things you will need...

Currently I write for Inquisitr, and I have published several hundred articles for promotion. You’ll find those below.


  • BMW’s M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition Unveiled,...
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    BMW is beginning to unveil its latest editions, and its M5 pure Silver Metal Edition has not only been unveiled, but it’s now available for purchase as well. The company also released its Competition Edition, giving drivers a choice of either the Silver Limited Edition or a choice of black […]

  • Audi CEO Says Carmaker Wants To Release Three New...
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    Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said that Audi wants to release three new electric models by 2020. The car maker also wants electric models to account for about one-third of its sales by 2025. Just Auto reported that the Audi chief wanted to include A-segment vehicles in their offerings. An A-segment […]

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    As automakers continue to debut their lineups for 2017, Chevrolet rolled out its 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. The latest edition promises to fix the cooling system problems previous versions had while offering all the goodies in a sports car that drivers crave. ARS Technica reported that the […]


  • 5 Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
    Posted on February 12, 2015 at 7:03 am

    The most effective way to market your business is through content. Content drives the internet, and if you want to connect with your potential customers, the right content is the easiest way to do it. […]

  • Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs:...
    Posted on February 12, 2015 at 7:03 am

    Article writing is one of the most effective ways to market yourself online if you want to brand yourself as an expert. If you want to write effective articles, then here is how to get started. […]

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Looking for some great free stuff to help you get fit, find a great relationship or make more money? You’ll find my all my free reports and other free stuff here. Check back often as I’ll be constantly adding to this section.

Free Reports and Newsletters

Many of my articles that I convert to video I also convert to documents as a convenient way to make this content available to my readers. You will also find this content available on Slideshare for download. You may download these documents for your own reading or embed them on your own sites.

I write about a wide variety of topics for my business including internet marketing and making money online. Occasionally I write about other topics like relationships and and health and fitness because I’m interested in those topics. You’ll find that writing available on the articles page.

Whether you want to make more money, have the best body of your life or create your dream relationship, or you want to do all three, then I have a list for you. Sign up for the list of your choice. It’s absolutely free. I’ll send you my best free tips to help you get that dream body, make more money while working less and get great sex and even better relationships. Click the link of your choice below.


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For Men Only: Secrets That Most Men Will Never Know About Women! – If you really want to start atrracting the kind of women you want, then you need this guide. Get inside a woman’s head and really understand her. Find out the best places to take her on a date. End your fear of rejection for good. You’ll also receive my free newsletter Over 40, Sexy and Fabulous: FOR MEN ONLY!

For Women Only: How to Get a Man to Love You: The Incredible 7 Step Guide! Are you tired of dating guys who never seem to fall in love with you? Are you tired of relationships that never last? Then you need this guide because it will show you the seven steps you need to help your man fall in love with you. You’ll also learn how to transition from girlfriend to fiance and speak his language so he understands you. You’ll also receive my Over 40, Sexy and Fabulous: FOR WOMEN ONLY!, and you’ll get the dating and relationship tips that will help you find, date and fall in love with the kind of men you really want.


The Astonishing Secrets of the Happiest, Wealthiest Men and Women in the World! – Stop letting negative opinions influence your life. Discover three powerful exercises to help you achieve the kind of relationships and financial wealth you want. How to discover what you really want and then develop the mindset you need to achieve it. You’ll also receive my free newsletter, Over 40, Successful and Fabulous!.

Survival Skills

How to Build the Ultimate Survival Kit – If you want to know how to prepare your family for any disaster, then you need this guide. It will show you what crucial supplies to stock, how to prepare food for long term storage, survive away from home and build the ultimate survival kit. You’ll also receive my Survival Skills 101 Newsletter to help you get prepared faster than you ever thought possible.

Wealth: Online Business/Internet Marketing

Top 7 Traffic Tips – If you need more traffic to your site, and you want to know the most effective techniques to market your business, you’ll want this report. It will show you the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website now. As a bonus, you’ll also receive The 10 Greatest Free Traffic Tips For More Traffic Now to show you how to get even more traffic.

Free Ebook: Affiliate’s Guide to Instant Commissions – If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make money online, but you’re not sure where to start, affiliate programs can get you making money quickly. This guide will show you how to select affiliate programs to sell and earn commissions immediately. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a copy of my ebook, IM Start Up Guide. This will show you how to build a business online and make money.

Tshirt Profits Made Easy – If you are a veteran who wants to start a business, this is the easiest way to start a business online, and it’s one of the most lucrative opportunities available to make money. This will help you get started and show you what you need to do to make money online from tshirts.

If you already own a business or charity that helps veterans, then be sure and submit it for a free listing to my directory:

Military Veterans Worldwide

You’ll find my latest documents available for easy download below.

  • Affiliate Titan 2.0 - The Facts
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    Click here for more information: http://askjinger.com/about/affiliatetitan20 Affiliate Titan is a simple system that will help you make money online. It offers three different ways to marketing, and one of them includes email marketing. All the marketing techniques are free, and it also offers […]

  • Affiliate Titan Review
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    Click here for more information: http://askjinger.com/about/affiliatetitan20 Affiliate Titan 2.0 is a simple system that will show you how to make money online in the simplest way possible: marketing affiliate programs. It shows you how to get traffic three different ways for free, and it […]

  • WP Link Shield Review
    Posted by jingerjarrett@slideshare.net(jingerjarrett) on June 27, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Get WP Link Shield - http://askjinger.com/go/wp-link-shield/ WP Link Shield is a Wordpress plugin that helps you cloak your affiliate links the right way so that you avoid losing commissions or getting your links blocked on social media. Once you set it up on your Wordpress blog, it […]

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I often use video to teach people how to do things. You’ll find my latest health and fitness, dating and relationship advice, success, travel and marketing and money making videos here. I’ve also put together some galleries so you can view videos on various topics and get all the information in one place. Everything is arranged by category to help you find what you are looking for.

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From Finding Great Dates to Meeting the Love of Your Life http://askjinger.com/articles/dating-and-relationships/from-finding-great-dates-to-meeting-the-love-of-your-life/ http://askjinger.com/articles/dating-and-relationships/from-finding-great-dates-to-meeting-the-love-of-your-life/#respond Wed, 15 Apr 2015 01:34:54 +0000 http://askjinger.com/?page_id=489 From Finding Great Dates to Meeting the Love of Your Life

If you haven’t read my article on health, I highly recommend you read it. Before you can start thinking about changing the other areas of your life, you really need to start there. This is about feeling good, and if you want to have great relationships and live a life that makes you happy, one that is satisfying in every area of your life, it’s important to start with your health. When you feel good, when you are happy, you make better choices. Better choices will bring you the results you want.

How to Create the Body You Want and Have Amazing Health No Matter What Your Age

Relationships are something I have always felt uncomfortable with. They’re something I never felt I was good at. I say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and I don’t do enough, or I am not enough. Relationships felt uncomfortable and difficult to me. Although relationships aren’t always easy for me, especially when I feel I am dealing with someone who is difficult and unreasonable, they have gotten easier. They have gotten easier because I chose to make some changes in my life, accept my part and my mistakes in all my relationships and learn new skills to help me do a better job of relating to other people.

One of the most important books I ever read was The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Dr. Gary Chapman. Although this book is primarily for couples, the techniques I learned in this book have been helpful in all my relationships. The reason is that we all have a love language, a way that makes us feel loved when others relate to us in that way.

The 5 Love Languages are:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Touch
  3. Spending Quality Time
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Gifts

There is actually an assessment on Dr. Chapman’s site you can take that will help you discover what your love languages are. I took the test, and my primary love language is spending quality time. (I scored an 11). My secondary love language is touch (I scored a 10.) I scored a six on Words of Affirmation and a zero on both Acts of Service and Gifts. (He explains each language after the assessment. This will help you understand why this is your love language.)

So, if someone does something nice for me, and act of service, or gives me a gift, I really don’t appreciate it. It isn’t because it’s not a nice gesture on that person’s part. It really is. It’s just that I don’t feel it because those aren’t my love languages. I am happiest when I am spending time with those I love. Since my secondary love language is touch, and the score is so close to my score on spending quality time, hugging me, and if it’s a guy, kissing me, and even sex, make me really happy because it feels good, and it is what I need to feel happy.

I always feel happy after spending time with my grandkids, especially if they have hugged me a lot and been affectionate with me. I love hugs from my children and even friends too. That’s just what makes me happy and makes me feel loved.

There are other books in this series, including one for children and also for those who have military spouses. Dr. Chapman has expanded his offerings so there are books for just about everything including singles. If I could read only one book on the topic of relationships, this would definitely be it because it has done so much to change my life.

Dating and Relationship Skills

I have been married twice. Both times I was married I was never able to figure out what would make them happy. My needs weren’t getting met, and I didn’t know how to verbalize my needs out of fear. I take responsibility for my actions in my relationships. Often we make mistakes out of ignorance, and unless we learn new skills we will continue to make the same mistakes in our relationships.

One issue I want to point out here is our relationships with our parents. If we have a painful and/or abusive relationship with the parent of the opposite sex, it will have a negative effect on all our future relationships unless we take steps to change the negative programming that is causing us to relate to others in a way that isn’t healthy. (This is where the Healing Codes can help because it will help you with healing from all that negative programming.)

Self esteem and self confidence are major issues in all our relationships too. We attract what we are, and when we don’t have healthy self esteem, we don’t attract those who do. I’ve attracted many users and abusers into my life simply because of my feelings of low self worth. My approach to learning new relationship skills, in addition to actually studying relationship skills and implementing them, has been to work on my self esteem issues. Healing from my issues so that a natural self worth emerges has actually been more difficult than learning the relationship skills.

(Self esteem is about who we believe we are, and our sense of self worth. Self confidence has to do with our beliefs about our abilities to do things.)

In the area of relationships it’s important to do an assessment here too. Tools like Dr. Chapman’s Love Language test can help you, as well as Dr. Alex Loyd’s Relationship Issues Finder. This will help you pinpoint any relationship issues you may have and allow you to work on those issues.

Although I have many relationship experts I enjoy, including Dr. Chapman, there are two that I have found to be especially helpful.

The first is David Wygant. Although David generally works with men, he also offers a wide variety of resources for women and even has a Youtube channel for women. I enjoy his work because he makes it easier to really understand men. Having two divorces under my belt makes it important to me to really want to get it right this time. Understanding the man in my life is important to me because it will allow me to communicate better and build a better relationship.

To get your free newsletters, go here:

David Wygant for Men – You will also receive his “The Top 10 Best “No-Fail” Magic Openers” to help you with meeting women. It’s a free audio program you can download and listen to. You’ll also receive David’s newsletter, and it’s full of all kinds of tips on dating and relationships for men. In fact, it’s so good I read it!

David Wygant for Women – In addition to receiving David’s newsletter for women, you’ll also receive his presentation on relationship advice for women. He will show you how to spot Mr. Right, and, among other things, explain why men won’t commit. It is an excellent presentation, and I’ve watched it several times. If you’ve felt clueless about men in the past, the way I felt, this will definitely help you solve the mystery.

Click here to watch one of his videos:


One of my other favorite relationship experts is Rori Raye. I enjoy listening to her because she teaches you how to actually talk to men in a way that communicates what you have to say without putting a man on the defensive.

There are no tricks here. It’s not about tricking a man into anything. This is about learning how to express your feelings in a way where a man hears you, listens and doesn’t write you off as a drama queen. It is about communicating with a man in a healthy way that grows your relationship.

When I have something really important I want to say to a man, this is how I talk to him. What I have learned is that if a man is broken or toxic, that will be revealed every time. It’s helped me to avoid some bad situations and not get involved with guys that wouldn’t be good for me. Best of all, it has helped me become more relaxed and confident in my conversations with men.

To get your free newsletter from Rori, and begin building healthy dating and relationship skills, click here:

Rori Raye’s “Learn Secrets to Making Him Fall In Love Forever

For a preview of her work, you can watch the video below.



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http://askjinger.com/articles/dating-and-relationships/from-finding-great-dates-to-meeting-the-love-of-your-life/feed/ 0
How to Create the Body You Want and Have Amazing Health No Matter Your Age http://askjinger.com/articles/health-and-fitness/how-to-create-the-body-you-want-and-have-amazing-health-no-matter-your-age/ http://askjinger.com/articles/health-and-fitness/how-to-create-the-body-you-want-and-have-amazing-health-no-matter-your-age/#respond Tue, 14 Apr 2015 23:20:17 +0000 http://askjinger.com/?page_id=486 How to Create the Body You Want and Have Amazing Health No Matter Your Age

As someone who has suffered from depression and Post Traumatic Stress most of my life, I know what it is like to be sick and feel really bad. What is most unfortunate about the medical profession today is that they don’t treat the whole person, and the answer for just about everything is either some form of medication or surgery. In addition to having depression and Post Traumatic Stress, at one time I also had Hypothyroidism and severe headaches although I never sought treatment for the headaches. (Please understand that I am only relating my experience here. I don’t speak for others.)

The problem here is that no one ever gets well. Life becomes about coping, maintaining and living the rest of life on medication and treating the illness as something that is chronic and cannot be cured.

Understand, I am not a doctor, just someone who was given a diagnosis that meant that I would spend the rest of my life on medications that weren’t working to heal the real problems. Herein lies the biggest problems with modern medicine: they treat the symptoms instead of treating the problem. Although body chemistry will definitely have an effect because each of us is different, treating the symptoms causes another problem too because two people have the same symptoms and not have the same problem.

Although there are many things that I have tried to get better, nothing works better for me than the Healing Codes. I have tried just about everything in my lifelong quest to get well too: Alcoholics Anonymous, ALANON, therapy and counseling, medications and on and on. Although meditation and NLP (neurolinguistic programming, a form of self hypnosis) helped, they didn’t take care of the underlying causes of the problems I was having.

Let me stress here that the first real step in getting well is to visit your doctor and start with a physical. You want a complete assessment of your current health so that you can rule out as many causes of any problems you are having and then take care of them so you get well.

Depending on the state of your health, you may have a lot of work to do. There is a simple system I use to help me that will help you too if you want to try it. (If you want a free copy of my ebook, subscribe to my list.)

It’s called “The Hour of Power.” This is a simple three step system that helps you change your life effortlessly. It takes about one hour a day, and it’s very simple to do. It allows you to change in the three major areas of your life and rebuild your mind, body and spirit.

The first step is to choose the activities that you will do. Each takes about 20 minutes per day to complete, so if you don’t have time in the morning to do it all, split it up. My Hour of Power consists of the following:

  1. The Healing Codes – I use this to heal any mental and physical issues I may be having (this is not a substitute for going to the doctor. If I need to see a doctor I go.) How they help me the most is by clearing out any mental junk I may have that may be causing me problems. Mental garbage uses up vital energy, so the more of it we have, the less energy we have to do other things.
  2. Exercise – I usually do something like the 5 Tibetan Rites and then some form of Tabata exercise. (Tabata is a four minute protocol that allows you to get fit quickly working out only four minutes a day.) Exercises like Turbulence Training or Lightning Speed Fitness work very well for me because I like short intense exercise sessions that get me fit and keep me fit quickly. They also allow me to work with body weight so I don’t need any equipment.


  1. Inspirational Reading – I am an absolutely avid reader, and reading something inspirational each morning helps me focus on the positive. Staying positive is actually helpful in accomplishing what you want out of life. You can read whatever you want. Some may want to read the Bible, others may want to read a book of poetry, or maybe even Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich. (You can get a copy of that free when you sign up for my list.) Read whatever makes you feel good and helps you develop a positive mindset. If you don’t like to read, I suggest meditation. This can be extremely helpful too as it will help you relax and focus.

The Healing Codes

I want to talk more about the Healing Codes because they were key to helping me get better. Not only did they help to eliminate my emotional pain, they also helped to eliminate my physical pain. I have more energy now than I have ever had in my life, and the fact that I can do the 5 Tibetan Rites says a lot about the state of my health. (Try doing 21 repetitions of each of the five exercises right off then bat and then see if you can peel yourself off the floor!)

The Healing Codes is a system developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. Along with leading cancer specialist Dr. Ben Johnson, they have used this in their medical practices to help their patients heal their mental issues and get better. In the process of healing their mental issues, these patients have seen healing in their physical issues. The Healing Codes can be done in as little as six minutes a day. Dr. Ben Johnson, who once had Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), actually used it to help him heal.

Below is a video to give you an idea of how it works.


To get more information about The Healing Codes, I highly recommend you visit their site. You can take their free assessments to help you identify your issues. I was shocked after taking the tests because it really helped me identify my problems. As I began to focus on healing those problems, I felt better.

Understand that this is not a magic bullet. It does not work over night although it can bring healing faster than you think. If you stick with it, you will see a tremendous difference in your life. I started back in August of 2013 after I got a copy of the book from the library. I worked with it on and off instead of sticking with it on a daily basis, so it took longer for me to feel better. The best part of using this system is that the triggers I had with my Post Traumatic Stress are gone. It’s very hard to push my buttons now because there simply aren’t any buttons to push, and most of the time I feel great.

If you are a veteran and would like to know more about my journey, then read my free report. Even if you aren’t a veteran you may still find the information to be invaluable.

This is an investment in yourself. If you want to have the life you want, then you have to take care of yourself first and give to yourself first before you can take care of, or help, anyone else.
It is absolutely critical that you address your health issues first and reduce your stress. Then you will have the energy you need to build better relationships and achieve wealth in your life.


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