Want Your Man to Adore You? Here’s How to Make It Happen

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Most women will never know what it’s like to have a man adore them. Instead, they’ll struggle in their relationships to try to communicate with their men and beg for affection. You don’t have to beg for affection. Make falling in love a positive experience, not one where you plead and beg for affection.

As little girls, it seems we are taught many ways to chase men and make men love us. The problem with doing that is that it lowers our value in the eyes of men. The truth is that women aren’t supposed to do the chasing at all. Men chase and women choose.

The Healing CodesSo if you want to find a man who will truly love you and treat you like the princess that you are, then the first step is to look at your self-esteem. Do you have good self-esteem? Do you feel good about yourself? If you don’t, then it’s time for a change because how high your self-esteem is will really decide the type of man you get. If you have low self-esteem, then you’ll attract a man who has low self-esteem. If you have high self-esteem, then you’ll attract a man with high self-esteem. The level of your self-esteem and the level of the man you attract influences how others treat you. It also influences how you treat others.

We don’t see the world the way it is. We see the world the way we are. We treat others the way we feel about ourselves, and sadly, this is very destructive. Others will also treat us the way they feel about themselves. I’ve always attracted the wrong kind of men into my life, and the wrong kind of people into my life for that matter, because I had low self-esteem. With two failed marriages, I also learned that the first step for me was fixing those self-esteem issues so that I didn’t continue to attract the same kind of men into my life.

So how do you become the kind of woman men adore?

  1. Start by becoming your best self. That doesn’t mean changing who you really are. It means getting rid of all the things that have kept you from attracting quality men. It means improving your self-esteem. If you have as many issues as I did, then handle those issues and heal. For me, what worked best was using the Healing Codes. It’s a form of energy medicine, and it allowed me to heal those issues that kept me attracting the wrong kind of men into my life. You can sign up for an account at the site, and it’s free. Click here: The Healing Codes
  2. Learn how to handle your emotions. It is a fact that women are more emotional than men. We are biologically programmed to be more emotional than men. There is nothing wrong with that. It isn’t about becoming like men when handling our emotions. It’s about learning how to handle those emotions in a healthy way. Healing will go a long way toward helping you learn to process your emotions, and you won’t experience problems with your emotions when you heal your triggers. Healing modalities like The Healing Codes can help you with this. Using a journal to write about what is bothering you helps you process those emotions. Instead of spewing your emotions all over your man or other men, learn to process your emotions in a healthy way.
  3. Use clear and direct communication with men. If you have a problem with a man, don’t criticize him. Don’t point out what you see is wrong with him. Instead, talk about how you feel by using “I feel” statements. For example, say something like, “I feel hurt when you….” This keeps you from putting a man on the defensive. When a man is on the defensive, he won’t listen to what you say. Unless you really do want advice, don’t tell a man your problems because that is exactly what you will get. Instead, talk about the real problem. If you are in a relationship, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about your problems. Just make sure you explain ahead of time that you aren’t looking for a solution. Just let your man know he needs to listen.Supreme Self Confidence
  4. Have a life. It’s easy to get head-over-heels with a man when you first meet. Don’t make him the center of your universe, and don’t stop doing the things that make you happy and that you enjoy. When you make a man the center of your world from the beginning, what happens is that he will see you as needy. Although there are certain needs that only others can meet for us, we can meet most of our needs ourselves. Take care of yourself, meet your needs first, and have a life.
  5. Don’t sleep with a man on the first date. Although women can often feel an instant connection with a man, if you sleep with a man before he loves you, for him, it will just be sex. If that’s all you’re looking for, then that’s fine. Go ahead and sleep with him. The relationship will last as long as he’s enjoying the sex, and then it will be over. Waiting to have sex will give you time to show the man your value. If you want a man to see you as valuable, then hold off having sex with him.

There are two resources I recommend you check out that will really help you when it comes to men. Read Supreme Self Confidence. Self-confidence goes hand in hand with self-esteem, and if you develop excellent self-confidence, it will definitely help you with your self-esteem.

Get a Guy GuideThen read the Get a Guy Guide. It will show you how to attract and keep a great man. Getting a great man has nothing to do with how beautiful you are, or how much you weigh or anything like that. it’s about having the skills that will help you attract and connect with the right men and become a woman who understands her unique beauty and can share that.

Wishing you much love and happiness!

Jinger Jarrett

Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer who teaches small businesses how to get started online and then market their businesses for free. She is also a US Army Veteran and seeks to connect with other veterans who are interested in starting a business or are currently business owners and want to connect.