Should I Move In With Him?

Want to know why men go cold? Find out at So when should you move in with him? You’re dating a great guy, thing are …


  1. I've encountered mostly women who seem to end up being the biggest warning sign when they want to move in together right away.
    It almost seems as it turns into a red flag for "needy" issues or that they can't be alone.
    Which also means…when the relationship gets into that "comfortable" stage, then tend to quickly get bored and seek out new thrills.
    Not realizing that 99% of the time they'll just end up back at square one.
    This is my experience through friends and co-workers, and somewhat my self as I just recently was pretty much begged to move in with a woman because she needed support, etc…after only a year of dating.
    She couldn't take care of her place nor her life within that year and it became apparent that I was nothing but a safety blanket, and when I told her no, when she was use to more weak men, she didn't understand that aspect of rejection and flipped out.