May/December Relationships: What I Learned and What You Need to Know

May/December Relationships: What I Learned and What You Need to Know

Before I decided to take a step back and have a relationship with me, I was really frustrated with the dating scene. It seems that men my age often want younger women instead of women their age. I decided to take a look at this topic of May/December relationships so I could discover what I was doing wrong and make the necessary changes in my life so I would eventually attract a great man when the time was right.

The Woman Men AdoreThere are several reasons why older men want younger women, and I’ll share those reasons with you. I’ll also share with you what I learned about this and what you can do to attract a great guy that’s your age that you will be happy in a relationship with.

The most important thing I want you to understand about May/December relationships is that not every man wants one, and men who do date younger women have different reasons for doing it. When you understand this, it will help you break through to the man you’re interested in.

Deep down, every man wants to be loved, appreciated, respected, and he wants to make you happy. Understand what you want out of your life and take care of you. Become your best self, and attracting and keeping a great man is easy.

May/December Relationships: Why Some Men Date Younger Women

1. Let’s start with the most obvious: it’s an ego thing. For some men, it makes them feel good to be with younger women. They want fresh. It gives them bragging rights. These are the guys you want to avoid. You’re wasting your time on a man like this one. He’s looking for the easy in his relationships, and he wants someone to feed his ego. She’s a booty call, and you don’t want to be a booty call.

2. He wants children, or he wants more children. Again, you’re wasting your time with men like this one. Having children late in life or having more children is also an ego thing. You’ll have a lot of trouble breaking through to a guy like this one if you can connect at all.

3. He’s been hurt, and this is his way of avoiding getting hurt again. Remember George Clooney? He said he would never marry again and yet he did. Why? Because the right woman for him came along.Yes, she’s younger. That’s OK. The right woman will always break through when she gives the man what he’s really looking for in a woman.

A man who has been hurt and hasn’t healed will seek out younger women for these May/December romances because it’s easy sex. They want the touch of a woman without the obligation. These relationships never last. Learn the right relationship skills, and this is a man you can break through to.The Healing Codes

4. He’s afraid of drama and/or baggage. Men like this often assume that women their age come with a lot of baggage. Sometimes they do. I realized I would never have happy relationships with men until I dealt decisively with my baggage. When I did that, the need for drama went away. I could speak clearly and express my needs and desires in a healthy way. It’s also easy to make me happy because I know what I want in a relationship and a man.

There’s Hope in This Type of Relationship

If the guy you want has baggage he needs to deal with, this is when he will choose to deal with it if you apply the right skills. He wants to know he can trust you, and he wants to know that it’s OK for him to be himself.

We attract what we are. Men who attract women with a lot of baggage don’t realize that they have a lot of baggage too. Sometimes you can help the man heal, and sometimes you can’t. Again, this is a situation where the right woman will help the man get past his baggage.

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons, or a man may even have a combination of reasons. Each man is different. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pursue a man who engages in May/December relationships. If you do decide to pursue this type of man, then these tips may help you break through.

Why You’re Not Attracting Great Men

First of all, understand why you want to connect with this guy. Is he a great catch? For those of us in the over 40 crowd, there are a lot of guys that are even though they have baggage. They’re more settled, and more than likely they’ve sown their wild oats. Like many, if they have children, they have grown children and can now focus on doing other things and doing things with you.

What You Can Do to Attract the Man You Want

The Healing CodesWith that said, it’s important that you first turn your attention to you. Focus on you. Do you have baggage you need to get rid of? If so, then it’s important to find a system that works for you to help you get rid of that baggage. For me that was The Healing Codes because it allowed me to heal all those painful feelings and emotions I was struggling with. I tried a lot of systems. This one worked by healing the feelings and emotions.

I also kept a journal. Writing in my journal helped me to address everything that bothered me, particularly those painful feelings and emotions. I learned not to judge the process. When I did that, I felt so much better. I released all of those feelings that were causing me pain. Letting go of those feelings healed the inner conflict I was feeling. More importantly, I learned to love myself, and when we love ourselves, it makes it so much easier for men to love us too.

Why It’s Important to Go with the Flow

Don’t be too hard on men who choose May/December romances. Often they have been hurt too. They still want the touch of a woman, and it’s easy for them to satisfy that with sex. Just remember, deep down inside, they’re really looking for love though, and you can give them the love, admiration and respect they crave by being you and getting rid of your baggage.The Woman Men Adore

The way to do this is really simple: become the kind of woman that men want to fall in love with. It doesn’t mean changing who you are. It means uncovering who you are to become your best self. Learning new relationships skills and learning how to talk to men in a language they understand will put you ahead of 90 percent of the women out there. You virtually eliminate the competition that way.

To find out how to do this, I highly recommend you watch: The Woman Men Adore. This free video will show you how to attract the right kind of men and then find a great man to have a relationship with.


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