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Jinger Jarrett

Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer who teaches small businesses how to get started online and then market their businesses for free. She is also a US Army Veteran and seeks to connect with other veterans who are interested in starting a business or are currently business owners and want to connect.

4 thoughts on “How to Tell A Man That He Sucks in Bed

  • April 23, 2017 at 6:33 am

    There's a difference between a man who sucks in bed and a man who sucks and is "selfish" in bed. What's the difference? Well, a man who sucks in bed can be trained all you have to do is tell him what feels good and he'll do it. A man who is selfish in bed not only does not give a woman an orgasm but all he wants is to have his lollipop licked and then rolls over with a smile on his face. When he does manage to put it in he orgasms too fast and can't hold it. You're asking him if it's in there and he already came. Damn!! That type of man really needs to get his ass tossed. Any man that likes to receive it but not give it isn't worth having. There are women out here too that do the same thing. they want to be taken care of sexually but then they don't put out. Anyway, that's just my opinion and I guess I am looking at this video because I was spending a lot of time with a guy who basically doesn't do it for me and uh… never will :/. That's why I don't pick up my phone as much and always have an excuse not to hang out with him.

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