Are You Dating A Guy You’re Not Into?

Have you met Mr. Right? Or are you dating a guy you’re not that into, just because it’s better than being on your own. In this video I reveal how to get out of the …


Jinger Jarrett

Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer, author and internet marketer who teaches small businesses how to get started online and then market their businesses for free. She is also a US Army Veteran and seeks to connect with other veterans who are interested in starting a business or are currently business owners and want to connect.

One thought on “Are You Dating A Guy You’re Not Into?

  • January 30, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    He is right in this…for nine years now I took timeout to be alone trust me I have had my times when I wanted someone it is hard.  I could've dated several guys during that time but why?  I had rather be with someone for the right reasons not the wrong ones.  I love to flirt and get to know guys to see what makes them who they are I do have some male friends but the ones who have someone else I am their friend.  Luv u dave see u in 2014

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