Dating and Relationships : How to Get Over a Married Woman

Getting over a married woman is not easy, but knowing that you have the ability to fall in love can be encouraging. Get over a married woman with help from a …


    Whether you're a Forever Alone Guy who's never had any luck with women, or just an average guy trying to master the art of attracting women. You need to know that attraction isn't a choice at all." It's a feeling, an emotion that is created by the overall
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    From the authors of the best-selling "The Secrets of Happily Married Men" comes the much-anticipated follow-up book "The Secrets of Happily Married Women." In their first book, Dr. Haltzman and his coauthor Theresa Foy DiGeronmio outlined a recipe for men about growing a happy marriage: treat marriage with the same sense of purpose, resolve, and single-minded devotion that they have for their job. Although that workplace formula works well for men, an entirely different set of criteria resonate with women. In "The Secrets of Happily Married" Women, Dr. Haltzman tells us stories from real women who are happy in their relationships. These women know how to get more out of their partners by doing less, by not trying so hard to make men perfect, not dragging them to couples therapy, not expecting them to think or behave like a woman. These are women from Dr. Haltzman's clinical practice and culled from thousands of contributors to his Web site www. They have learned to understand how men really work and tap into men's powerful hard-wired desire to please women and "be a better man.
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