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20 Minute Health

The first step in the process of the hour of power is your health. This is absolutely crucial to your success. Without good health and energy, it will make it harder for you to get done those things you need to accomplish.

Although it may seem like a daunting task in ordertogetinto shape, it’s really not that hard at all. There are quite a few simple things to do to help you get fit and have the energy you desire.

Here are my tips for improving your health and getting in shape:

1. Exercise. Exercising isn’t as hard as you think. You really don’t need as much exercise as you think either. Short intense bursts of exercise will do as much for helping you get in shape as long boring cardio. Long boring cardio won’t reshape your body the way that short intense bodyweight exercises will. Two programs I recommend that will help you reach your fitness goals here are:

Turbulence Training – By working out just 20 minutes three times a week, you reshape your body and get fit. You use the concept of interval training. This is short intense bursts of exercise including squats, burpees, and pushups.

Lightning Speed Fitness – Using only bodyweight exercises, you get fit in just 15 minutes a day. This includes simple exercises like squats, pushups, and other exercises. These one to five minute fitness workouts can get you fit faster and in better shape than cardio.

Another type of fitness to consider is stretching, specifically yoga. Yoga is one of the best anti aging exercises to do, especially if you do the 5 Tibetan Rites. These five exercises will help you get strong, reshape your body, and help you look and feel younger. The best part is that it only requires you to work out about five to 10 minutes per day.

The Five Tibetan Rites Free Poster

The type of exercise you do should be exercise you choose you enjoy. There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to get fit quickly. Choose an activity you enjoy and do it every day for 20 minutes as part of your hour of power.

2. Eating right. I keep my eating plan pretty simple. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy things like chocolate or chips once in awhile. I love things like that. If you want to be healthy and lose weight, then you have to eat what your body needs to help you lose weight and have energy.

Stick to protein, i.e. meat and fruits and vegetables. Try to eat as much fresh food as you possibly can. It will make you feel a lot better.

This is all you really have to do. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll feel better.

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